Clever Tips For Adding Character To New Construction

While a brand new home has lots to love, it often lacks the character and charm that many older builds bring to the table. With these tips, you can have all of the luxuries of your newly constructed abode and some character too. From kitchen trends with vintage vibes to choosing cabinets, here’s how to add some character to your home without tarnishing that new sparkle.

Farmhouse features feel old but are actually new.

6-5-18 RTA2-Linen Shaker

While farmhouse accents feel “old” and traditional, they are actually one of the top kitchen trends we’re seeing right now. They also incorporate nicely with newer features like light wood floors and granite countertops. A few of our favorite farmhouse additions include copper sinks, wood shutters, and bright white kitchen cabinets. When choosing cabinets, choose a style that is more classic and less contemporary.

Vintage touches can tone down modern homes.

Luckily many kitchen trends feature vintage elements, so like farmhouse themes, vintage touches can meet you in the middle of new and old. Décor such as a vintage-looking Persian aisle runner can make your new kitchen cabinets and flooring feel a little comfier. Swapping out sconces and other light fixtures is another way to warm up the room. There is obviously some resistance to replace features in your home when they are brand new, but in reality many of the light fixtures and other additions your builder has included are probably inexpensive. To ease the guilt, you can always sell the fixtures that came with your home and put that money towards your new purchases.

Tone down the model-home motif.

One reason new homes feel so far from homey is that they often remind us of the model home we originally walked through. An easy way to eliminate that impersonal atmosphere is to focus on the little details. You may not be ready to replace an entire door, but how about the doorknob? These tiny adjustments can actually tone down that model home feel and make your new digs feel like your own.

Find the right balance between the house you bought and your personal style.

Kids washing strawberry in white kitchen

As we discussed in this post about updating your kitchen while staying true to your home’s age, it’s important to maintain balance. Find common ground between the ultra-modern feel of your brand new build and the more welcoming, comfortable style you are accustomed to. In addition to farmhouse themes and vintage kitchen trends, there are plenty of ways to bring a piece of your heart into the home. Photos of your family, a basket of fresh fruit on your kitchen countertop, or a bookshelf with all of your favorite reads. All of these additions add character to your home. Just remember to practice moderation. Think about what you didn’t love about your old home. Was it the clutter? The magazines on your coffee table? Your kids’ toys all over the place? When choosing cabinets and storage solutions, keep in mind ways you can add character while still maintaining the clean, refreshing nature of your new home.

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