Storage Ideas for Every Room in the House

Storage Ideas for Every Room of the House

Tired of living in a cluttered, disorganized home? Get your home in order once and for all with our storage ideas for every room of the house.

But before you get started with our organizing tips, you’ll want to begin with decluttering. Discard or donate any belongings you don’t use, don’t love or that are no longer in good condition, and then go ahead and organize what you’re keeping. Get started with our tips for organizing each room of the house below.

#1: Kitchen

You’d be surprised to discover that, in many kitchens, there are several areas that aren’t being utilized as much as they can be.

For example, if you have kitchen cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling, as many kitchens do, the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling is ideal for storing items you don’t use on a regular basis, including cookbooks and appliances. Other kitchen storage ideas include:

  • Freeing up cabinet space by getting a mounting rack to hang your pots and pans on.
  • Using the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage space. For example, store spices in a door mount spice rack, boxes of aluminum foil and cling warp in a vertical door rack or get a door mount cutting board.
  • If you have any gaps in between appliances and cabinets, a filler organizer can create so much more practical storage space.

#2: Dining Room

Dedicate a stand-alone piece of furniture, such as a server or a China cabinet, for storing special occasion dinnerware and bakeware, as well as holiday-themed dish towels and accessories.

If your kitchen is short on space, you may want to get a portable kitchen island or cart for storing items you don’t have room for in the kitchen. This cart can be kept in the dining room and easily rolled into the kitchen whenever needed.

#3: Living Room

Select one wall as your media wall, where you keep your TV and related electronics. Choose TV room cabinetry or a shelving system that will offer a variety of storage options, enabling you to contain your items in an organized fashion, as well as keep cables out of sight. Not only will this keep everything neat in one place, but it’s more visually appealing than having various items scattered across every available space in the room.

If you or a family member is a book lover, consider looking into custom-made bookcases that will proudly display your treasured volumes. Have a ton of board games? Get a coffee table or bench that doubles as a storage bin.

#4: Bedroom

If you need a new bed, look for one with a lift-up mattress so you can store extra linens and pillows underneath. A pull-out trundle storage box or under-the-bed storage containers are also great options for storing extra linens or out-of-season clothing.

Hanging or floating shelves are perfect for decorative items and open shelves work well for books. Headboard shelving is a storage solution that’s ideal for keeping all your night-time essentials within reach.

If your closets are on the smaller side and you have extra space in your room, consider adding a freestanding wardrobe to help keep all of your clothing, accessories and footwear neatly organized.

#5: Bathrooms

No matter the size of your bathroom, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of the space you have. For example, you can mount shelves above the door and over the toilet, store toiletries in bins or caddies and get a stand-alone towel rack if you don’t have a linen closet.

Also, a bathroom vanity is an ideal storage solution, providing much-needed drawer and cabinet space for storing the wide variety of items generally kept in a bathroom, from cleaning supplies and toiletries to towels, toilet paper and more.