A beautiful farmhouse sink can add a lot to your decor.

So Many Different Sinks Styles — How to Choose Your Style

Sinks come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials, and based on their design, they can be a blessing or a curse. To make sure your new sink meets your needs and suits your kitchen, we have a list of 'Do's and Don'ts' to help you choose the right sink style for your home.

DO take measurements of your current cabinet and the sink you're interested in. Consumer Reports says you should make sure the faucet will extend far enough into the basin, and check that the basin is big enough for the pots and pans you regularly use. Looking to maximize small space? Go for a D-bowl sink with a curved back.

DON'T overlook cleaning and maintenance requirements. A copper sink may be a gorgeous design feature, but you need to be willing to perform daily upkeep to avoid tarnishing the finish. Do some research on the what it will take to clean a sink before you make your purchase. For more on copper maintenance, check out our guide on how to clean a copper sink. If you're looking for a sink style that's easy to keep clean, an undermount sink is your best bet, according to Consumer Reports.

DO consider the style of your other kitchen appliances. Make your sink the focal point of the kitchen with a contrasting finish, or match it with other appliances and features around your kitchen for a sleek, cohesive look. 

DON'T go for a sink just based on looks alone. A beautiful farmhouse sink can add a lot to your decor, but you may regret not having two basins for multi-tasking in your sink. Make sure your design preferences don't overwhelm your practical good sense.

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