Kitchen Remodeling with Family

Spring Break: 8 Ways Your Kids Can Help Remodel Your Kitchen

Are you saving a small home remodeling project for spring break? Whether you have one planned now or for the future, kids can be a big help (with a little guidance) when it comes to remodeling projects. Not only enlisting your kids’ help take work off of your plate, but it is also an opportunity to teach them valuable skills they’ll use in the years to come. Installing TheRTAStore’s Ready to Assemble (RTA) and Pre-Assembled kitchen cabinets just happens to be the perfect project to tackle during spring break. Here are eight ways your kids can help with installation!


Younger Children

It’s important to divide up remodeling tasks based on age appropriateness. Use your discretion, but very small children are probably not old enough to help just yet. For those that are old enough, here are ways they can help:

#1. Sorter and counter – Sorting screws and small pieces can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but children may enjoy it! (Just make sure they’re old enough to know not to put anything in their mouths.) Ask them to sort screws, nails, knobs and small parts into like groupings. They can also use their counting skills to make sure there aren’t any parts missing.  

#2. Tool assistant – Little kids are usually eager to help and having them hand you the small tools is an easy way to get them involved in remodeling. Show them the tools before you start and test their memory skills by asking them to hand you a specific tool. Be sure to go over safe handling practices first!

#3. Trash collector – A remodeling project will make a mess, even if it’s a small one. Have young children throw away trash or break down small boxes. If they’re big enough to handle a broom, you can have them sweep, too.

#4. Hardware helper – Remodeling projects, like installing kitchen cabinets, are perfect opportunities to teach younger children how to use a screwdriver, measuring tape and other small tools. If you’re installing kitchen cabinets, allow younger children to help screw in cabinet knobs and pulls with your help.


Older children

Older kids are more independent and won’t require as much supervision when remodeling, but it’s important to keep an eye on them if they’re handling potentially dangerous objects. Here’s how the big kids can pitch in:

#5. Instruction reader – Following instructions is key to successful remodeling. Have an older child read the installation instructions as you assemble the parts.

#6. Tool apprentice – Older kids can be taught how to correctly and safely use screwdrivers, hammers, and other non-power tools. Allow them to do smaller assembly jobs to gain confidence using tools. If you’re installing RTA kitchen cabinets, allowing them to install soft-close hinges is an excellent idea. Handling tools is also a great lesson in responsibility.

#7. Mover and lifter – A teenage son or daughter can help you move and lift kitchen cabinets into place. Remind them to bend their knees!

#8. Painter – Painting is an important skill to learn and one they’re likely to need as they get older. If painting is involved in your remodeling project, take the time to teach older children how to do it correctly and then give them a small space to paint on their own.

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