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Spring Updates for the Bathroom

Ready to add some spring vibes to your bathroom? From fresh flowers to colorful décor, we have a few easy to implement ideas that will give your bathroom a lovely look and feel that’s perfect for spring.

Whether you update your bathroom with just one of these ideas or all of them, you’ll love the noticeable difference and welcoming ambience these simple changes can make.

#1: Decorate with Spring-Inspired Fabrics

Swap out dark, plain towels, washcloths, rugs, window treatments and shower curtains with spring-inspired ones in bright colors and cheerful, fresh patterns. If you don’t have any, take this opportunity to buy new ones and give your bathroom a quick makeover. Choose from your favorite spring colors like greens, pinks, oranges, yellows and blues. If you’re on a roll, you don’t have to stop there! Get new bathroom accessories like hand soap dispensers and soap trays to coordinate with your new fabrics.

If you can’t replace every bathroom fabric and accessory, start with new towels and washcloths. Just this one little change will brighten up your bathroom and invite spring in!

#2: Get New Hardware

Installing new bathroom hardware, such as towel bars, paper holders and shower rods, will immediately bring new life to your bathroom. Add coordinating bath cabinet pulls and bath cabinet knobs, and your bathroom will have a whole new look. Cool, sleek metals like stainless steel and nickel will contribute to a fresh, modern aesthetic, while warmer finishes like golds and bronze can add a bright, rustic feel.

#3: Add Fresh Flowers

Just as fresh flowers add charm to a kitchen, they do the same for a bathroom. Place a vase or glass jar of fresh flowers on the sink, near the bathtub, on a vanity or a windowsill. Roses, tulips and peonies are some lovely blooms that will add beauty to your spring bathroom.

You’ll want to make sure to arrange your spring flower bouquet in a holder that’s best suited for the available space in your bathroom, allowing enough room for it to sit comfortably without toppling over.

#4: Paint Bathroom Walls

If you want to update your bathroom walls for the new season, go for light and fresh colors. Pastel colors can work beautifully and are ideal for the springtime. For a subtle change, you can try a warm neutral hue (colors that have yellow, orange or red undertones) like tan or “griege” to brighten the space and add warmth.

If you add a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom walls and don’t change anything else, the paint alone will give your bathroom a wonderfully new and refreshed look.