Tips for Sprucing Up Your Half Bath

A half-bath is the perfect, space to have a little creative freedom and try something new in your home to make an enjoyable and welcoming space without major renovations. If you want to take your updates a bit further, think about new bathroom cabinets or vanities and a new paint color on the wall to really make an impact.

You could start by picking a theme and working to design around your idea. The theme might be specific to the space or flows with the rest of your home. Common themes for half-baths include nautical, aviary, metallic pop, and equestrian. Of course, you can go with any look that appeals to you and your tastes, but it is a good idea to focus so that your decor and details work harmoniously together.

Once you've chosen a decorative direction, think about what you might add to the walls. Unique mirrors add personality and make the small space appear larger. Paintings and other works of art can be placed one one each wall or you might even make one wall your focal point with a salon-style painting-filled wall. 

Lighting can also transform the look of a bathroom. Outdated lighting fixtures immediately age your half-bath. Depending on your current setup, you might only have to change out the light bulbs to a more modern shape and softer lighting. You could also think about a chandelier or hanging light in addition to or rather than light fixtures around the sink mirror.

For the next step, choose hand towels that add a fresh look to your half bath. They could be a pattern or color that really pops in comparison to the elements previously mentioned or you might realize that it's best to go with something neutral.

A few final last touches are items that could make your half-bath not only more trendy, but also more welcoming. Add tissue, soaps, moisturizers and disposable towels for your guests. You might even consider a candle or plant to give it a homey inviting feel.

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