The Cluttered Bathroom: How to Organize It In a Snap

While we may be known for our designer kitchen cabinets at wholesale prices, here at TheRTAStore we also know a thing or two about bathrooms—like that they should be a place of retreat and relaxation, not a mine field of dirty bath towels, unruly tubes of toothpaste, and scattered bath products. If you’re pressed for time (who isn’t?), here are some tips for organizing your bathroom in a snap:
Weed out expired products
Take a brief glance at best buy dates on makeup, mouthwash, nail polish and any other products that can expire, and throw away anything that’s overdue. If it doesn’t have an expiration date, use your best judgment. As a rule of thumb, beauty experts say to throw out liquid face makeup after six months, mascara after three months, and hair products after a year.

Corral countertop clutter
Now that all the expired stuff is gone, you can start organizing what’s left. Start with items that get used every day or multiple times a day like mouthwash, contact solution, etc. If you have room, store them in a small basket on the countertop, that way they’ll be easy to access and therefore more likely to get put back in the right place. Store the rest of the items by likeness (i.e. makeup, shaving stuff, etc.) in drawers or baskets.
Roundup bath products
Bottles of shampoo, shaving gel, and body wash have a tendency to find their way onto the side of the bathtub. Put them back into the shower caddy if you have one, then clean up any soap rings they may have left behind.

Tackle the towels
Toss any dirty or sour smelling towels straight into the wash. Hang up lightly used ones on a towel rack, shower curtain rod, or over-the-door hooks. Roll up any unused ones for more compact storage.
Thin out the magazine rack
Magazines racks and baskets are common fixtures in bathrooms and are another place where clutter tends to collect. Toss out any issues more than a year old to make room for new ones. If it’s really stuffed, throw away magazines that are more than six months old.
Make cabinets do double duty
If your vanity has cabinets, don’t waste the vertical space above the shelf. Install a tension rod inside the cabinet and hang bathroom cleaning supplies from it. Another good home expert trick is to install small hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang hair brushes, hair dryers, and straighteners. This will help cut down on countertop clutter!
While installing a vanity isn’t a quick fix, it’s a good long term solution for keeping the bathroom organized, especially if you don’t already have one. carries hundreds of beautiful bathroom vanities in different widths, heights, and colors to fit your style, space, and needs. If you need help, take advantage of our free design service that are available for kitchens as well as bathrooms!