TheRTAStore’s Top 10 Favorite Backsplashes Part 1

Need some help choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen? Check out five of our Top10 Favorite Kitchen Backsplashes below:

1. Eco-Friendly

Adding an eco-friendly backsplash to your kitchen is a great way to help give your kitchen a “green” make over. When thinking about eco-friendly backsplash choices for the kitchen, there are three main types to choose from: ceramic (tile), glass, and metal. Let’s take a look at these three eco-friendly options:

  • Recycled Tile: An excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash is Recycled Tile. These tiles are made from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste products such as unwanted glass, stone, dust, and dirt. Many tile backsplash manufactures will use their own production waste materials, as well as waste from close sources, so as not to contribute to additional energy usage due to the transportation of the required materials.

  • Recycled Glass: Recycled glass tiles are a sustainable material as they are made up of mixture of post-consumer and industrial glass waste. They can be handmade and are available in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Recycled Metal: Recycled aluminum tiles are manufactured from 80% to 85% post-consumer and industrial aluminum materials. Recycled aluminum is a fairly new idea for backsplashes but there are manufactures that are using post-industrial and consumer aluminum shavings and scraps to form tiles and solid surfaces.

2. Slate

Slate backsplashes can give a kitchen beautiful color, style, depth, and texture. Slate is a very lovely material to use on a backsplash and it’s available in a variety of colors. Not only is it very attractive, it’s an excellent material to use in wet areas as it has great waterproof qualities associated with it. 

If you are concerned about staining or cleaning, have no worries! Slate is very easy to clean and also resists staining as well. The only disadvantage to slate is its brittleness. The right amount of force can cause slate to break or chip easily.

3. Concrete

Concrete backsplashes are a unique type of backsplash that will bring a contemporary feel to any kitchen. Like ceramic tile, they’re available in a wide range of colors, and are very easy to clean. Concrete backsplashes can also be cast to match an existing concrete counter top, to give it a more unified look.

Want to give your concrete backsplash more flair? Add other materials to it like colored glass tiles or create a mosaic.

TheRTAStore’s Top 10 Favorite Backsplashes Part 1

4. Glass

Glass tile backsplashes work well with any style of kitchen. From traditional to modern, they provide a sleek clean look, which is both playful and elegant. Glass tile is available in many different colors and is very easy to keep clean. It can cover a large area quickly and is available in mosaic tile or subway sheets.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel backsplashes are very eye catching and give a room lots of charm. There are many design options available such as tiles, sheets, and textures. Stainless Steel backsplashes are very durable and extremely easy to maintain and clean. They work well with any type of counter top material and are heat-resistant.

Want to know what are our last five Top 10 Favorite Backsplash Materials are? Check back with us later this week for Part 2!!