Make the most of a small space with a pullout organizer.

Tiny Houses, Big Spectacle

People are moving into tiny houses for a number of reasons. They allow for a different lifestyle outside of the home, but that means making some sacrifices inside the home. One space you might feel that most is in the kitchen. So how do you optimize cooking and storage space in a tiny kitchen in a tiny house? For starters, think about what you plan to store in the kitchen as far as food, plates, cups, small appliances, etc., and narrow it down to the necessities. You might also consider what you can put in extra storage versus what you need to be immediately available in the kitchen.

Maximizing Kitchen Cabinet Space

Once you know how much storage space you need in the kitchen, you can look into kitchen cabinets. Take advantage of every inch of space by getting cabinets that stretch all the way up to the ceiling. You could add inside cabinet accessories to help with organization and efficiency of space use. For example, a pullout organizer only takes up a narrow amount of space and can eliminate the need for a pantry or a whole cabinet dedicated to spices, oils, canned goods, and such. You also want your kitchen storage and counter space to be somewhat flexible. A portable kitchen island or kitchen cart on wheels allows you to use the island when you need it but otherwise tuck it away against a wall.

And why not have some fun with the design of your tiny kitchen so that it still makes a bold impact? Adding an intricate backsplash or unique cabinet knobs and pulls can add some personality in a big way.


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