Before deciding on a kitchen design, think about how you and your family will use your kitchen.

Function Versus Fashion — What Matters?

We all love the look of a beautiful kitchen, but what if that beautiful kitchen isn't the most functional? Beyond layout, you can also look into kitchen cabinet accessories that will help make whatever type of activities you do in the kitchen more efficient.

Like any design, a kitchen design is only as good as the experience that it creates for the people using it. If you're designing a new kitchen layout, let us help you with our free kitchen design service to help you judge the best kitchen in a new home, you might start by thinking about your and your family's main goals in the kitchen. Maybe you'll be cooking up breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily; maybe you primarily use your kitchen for entertaining; or maybe you're somewhere in the middle. 

Functionality vs. Aesthetics in Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, you'll want to take that functionality into consideration first and let aesthetics take a back seat when you have to make a choice between the two. One logical kitchen flow is to have the kitchen divided into separate areas for cooking, cleaning, and eating. In this case, many people can be working in the kitchen simultaneously. If there's only really one cook in the kitchen, a galley-style layout might make the most sense for you. You have cooking on one side and cleaning and storage on the other. If storage is a concern in addition to having space for many people to move around, you can go with cabinets that wrap around the room and a kitchen island in the middle.

For those who lean more towards the entertainment side of the spectrum, functionality is still important, but you might have more leeway when making those tough function vs. fashion choices. An open layout with kitchen island seating will be best if you want your kitchen to be a gathering space. However, if you rarely use the kitchen and want common space elsewhere for entertainment, a galley layout might be the way to go. 


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