Tips For Designing The Ultimate She Shed

If you don’t already have a she shed in your backyard, what are you waiting for? A she shed is the female version of a man cave, and it is pretty awesome. If hanging out in your backyard shed lacks appeal right now, that just means it needs a little TLC (and a bit of DIY creativity). Just check out these clever ideas from DIY Network for inspiration!

When you’re finished designing your she shed, that unsightly storage unit in your backyard will become a distant memory. And if you don’t have a shed, don’t worry! There are plenty of different types of shed build kits that you can buy, or search for DIY she shed plans on Pinterest. Ready to get started? Here are a few tips to help you design the ultimate she shed for your home.

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Create a clean foundation.

First things first, you’re going to have to do a little spring cleaning. Empty out anything currently being stored in the space and sort through it. There are probably plenty of forgotten items that can be thrown away or donated. Ideally, you can find a new home for the things you do need to keep.

If not, installing some wholesale cabinets along one wall of your she shed is a discreet way to store backyard essentials without compromising the style of your backyard getaway. Whether your shed is going to be a yoga studio, home office or an arts and crafts station, the right cabinets can help you maximize every inch of your design.

Once everything is properly sorted and stored, do a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior. If your shed hasn’t seen the light of day in a while, this may require a little extra scrubbing, but it will be worth it in the end.

Spruce things up with some new flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

Install new flooring and give walls a fresh coat of paint to make your shed feel more like an extension of your home — and less like a place for backyard storage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce things up. You’re already cutting out big-box costs and going with ready-to-assemble wholesale cabinets. There are also plenty of affordable flooring options, like wood-look tile, that look amazing and are suitable to use in an outdoor shed.

A fresh coat of paint is another easy upgrade with a relatively low-cost, especially when covering such a small surface area. Have fun with your color choices, whether you opt for a sunny yellow or a dramatic dark blue. A she shed is also a great place to get creative with wallpaper. An accent wall in an interesting print and pattern puts a personal touch on your go-to spot.

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Set a clear purpose for your she shed.

The ultimate she shed is not just “any other room,” it has a set purpose. It’s a place for you to really cultivate something that is harder to explore amidst everyday interruptions. It might be an old love for painting that you want to rekindle or the resale side hustle you’ve dabbled in but never committed to. Or maybe it’s a place for doing something entirely new — like starting and completing a degree online.

It’s that thing that you’ve always wanted to try or do more of. The time to do it is now and the place where it will happen is your she shed.

Once you’ve decided on the clear purpose for your she shed, you can design the room to support your dream. That might mean adding a spacious desk where you’ll write your first novel or installing a stainless farmhouse sink where you’ll get water to smooth down your ceramic sculptures. The possibilities are endless if you design your she shed to be free of excuses and full of motivation. You go, girl!


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