Top 4 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Going forward with a bathroom renovation can be scary. You are taking on a project that most people leave to the professionals, and you may not be completely confident in your planning abilities or construction skills.

Not to worry. We’re here to let you know the top four bathroom renovation mistakes and how to avoid them. Follow our lead and you’ll be enjoying your new room in no time!

Purchasing Cheap Materials

Whether the bathroom vanities in your home need new faucets or the tile in your shower needs to be replaced, always value quality over price. A bathroom renovation shouldn’t be a quick fix, it should be an improvement to the room that will last until you’re ready to renovate again.

Don’t make the mistake of buying materials just because of a low price tag. Find a medium between what cheap and expensive means to you. You’ll discover the midpoint is affordable and gets you quality materials at a price you can manage.

Forgetting Prep Work

The preparations that go into a bathroom renovation are just as important as the actual work. Don’t skip on prep work to save time. Some of the most common preparations that are skipped are taking measurements, creating a grid when laying tile (an inch, even half an inch, can throw a project off!) and cleaning and drying an area properly before doing work.

It may seem unnecessary at the time, but following through with prep work will help ensure a smooth operation and lessen the need for maintenance down the road.

Taking Shortcuts

While skipping a step in the instructions (do you really need to clean tile twice before sealing?) or altering one just a bit (grout can’t really need a whole day to dry, can it?) may seem like a good idea, it almost always is not. You may be forced to start your project from scratch because of a misguided shortcut. Follow instructions completely — especially if it’s your first time doing a certain renovation.

The same mentality should apply to tools. Using the wrong tool, rather than going out and buying the right one, rarely ends well. You will probably break the tool (forcing you to buy a replacement and the right tool) or you will compromise the quality of the project.

Spending A Lot on Trends

If you’re modeling a bathroom renovation after a picture you saw in a magazine or an interior design pin you came across online, think about the style’s longevity before taking the plunge. Some bathroom vanities, additions, tile designs, and layouts look great but are very trendy. These ultra-modern varieties may be appealing but are they going to go out of style before the renovation is complete?

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is sinking a ton of money into a remodel that they fall out of love with quickly, and are stuck with much longer than they’d like to be. Choose bathroom vanities, fixtures and design elements that are timeless, and accent a room with trendy decorations that are easier to replace over time.

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