What’s “In” for Kitchen Sinks and Hardware

Ready to update your kitchen sink and hardware? There’s no better time than now, with so many great styles and designs available. Modern sinks come in many shapes, sizes and materials, providing many design options. As for faucets, you’ll find plenty that are simultaneously stylish and functional.

Below are some of the most popular styles trending in kitchen sinks and faucets. Be sure to consider incorporating some of these designs into your own kitchen!

#1. Practical Sinks

Practical sinks are in demand right now. For this reason, large, deep, single-basin sinks are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, as they allow more space for handwashing bulky items like pots and pans. Often called apron sinks or farmhouse sinks, deeper sinks are extremely trendy as well as useful.

Built-in sinks (sinks that are made from the exact same material as your countertop) are another style that’s catching the interest of buyers. The beauty of this style is that it creates a lovely, uniform look that makes the entire area look crisp and clean – which is what we’re all aiming for in our kitchens, right?

Bonus? This style sink makes cleaning much easier, as it reduces the edges, nooks and crannies that can collect debris.

#2. Fancy Finishes

Say hello to a fabulous selection of contemporary, stylish finishes you’ll love. From antique brushed satin brass and bronze finishes to satin nickel and polished chrome, unique hardware finishes are hot right now. Whether your kitchen is farmhouse-inspired or minimalist and modern, one of these trendy metals is sure to complement the look. Match your sink faucet finish with coordinating cabinet knobs or pulls to keep the design cohesive.

Striking metal finishes aren’t just exclusive to kitchen faucets and hardware, either. Copper sinks are a gorgeous, growing trend we can’t get enough of. Perfect for making a statement, copper adds a warm and rustic touch to your kitchen design.

#3. Tech Faucets

As tech faucets are becoming more mainstream, the demand by homeowners is increasing. Hands-free and motion-sensor (touch-free) faucets are two styles that are extremely practical to use while preparing meals. Perfect for busy kitchens, multitaskers or people who are especially concerned about avoiding germs, these innovative faucet styles help make your sink convenient to use and easy to keep clean.

#4. Black Faucets

If you’re not feeling the metallic finishes and want a simpler, modern look, black faucets may be just right for you. Not only do black faucets look chic, but they won’t show wear and tear or water spots as easily as some other finishes. That’s a definite plus in our book!

If your kitchen is primarily light and bright, you’ll want to add in a few other black elements, like a light fixture, cabinet pulls or even black cabinets, to bring the look together. Doing so will help the faucet blend in with the overall décor, rather than creating any visual disharmony.