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Why You Should Start The New Year With A Clean Kitchen Hood And Filter

The New Year is the perfect time to put your excuses aside and set out to do better. With a fresh start, anything is possible. But we tend to focus our resolutions on ourselves, forgetting all of the opportunity for improvement around us. This year, instead of saying, “I will go to the gym more,” or “I’m going to save more money,” try creating an environment that promotes success.


Most of us live in clutter and constant disarray. It’s no wonder we choose to order takeout rather than cook a meal at home, or opt for a lazy evening on the couch rather than hitting the gym for an hour. This year you’re going to do better — but not because you’ve made it a resolution. When your home is clean and organized, you may just find you suddenly have the time and energy to prioritize your goals. Yes, that’s right — and it’s all going to start with kitchen hoods.


A New Year’s Resolution You Never Knew You Needed


Take a second to recall all of the things in your home that need to be done. How much time and energy do you spend thinking about those things? The laundry that needs to be folded? The dust hiding under your couches? The grease from last night’s dinner that’s still lingering on your stovetop? These small tasks pile up and you become helpless to them.


Drawer Peg System with Wood Pegs - The RTA StoreBut that was then. After the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, go to bed. Wake up the next morning, and go into action. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Don’t just wipe down surfaces. Empty and organize drawers. Bag up old clothes to donate. Get that stool out, replace filters, and finally clean your kitchen hood — or better yet, order a new kitchen hood! Don’t let anything stand in your way.


Kitchen hoods, drawers, and dark hallway closets — they all tend to be ignored. But what we fail to realize is this constant gray cloud of avoided tasks is looming over us, stopping us from living in the moment and achieving our goals.


Resolutions don’t stick. But it’s not because the motivation isn’t there, it’s because there’s not enough room in your life to dedicate to them.


The KonMari Method Applied to Resolutions


You may be wondering what kitchen hoods and clean closets have to do with you going to the gym more. Familiarize yourself with the KonMari method. This organization trend advises you to stop cleaning little by little and clean all at once. As you clean, discard anything that you do not truly love. By taking control of your clutter and creating a clean, blank slate, you are able to make room for the things in your life that really matter. Like the gym.


Brazilian Shaker - The RTA StoreMany of us are unaware of how affected we are by our surroundings. A dirty kitchen, a cluttered desk drawer, and an overflowing closet aren’t just taking away from the beauty of our home. They also take away our ability to stay focused and be productive.


As the holidays settle down, why not throw out your original list of resolutions? Instead, resolve to start the new year by transforming your home from a “place for your stuff” into a place just for you. When you finally have peace and calm in the place that you live, you’ll discover that you have less anxiousness, increased energy and more time — The perfect combination for a happy New Year!



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