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2022 Kitchen Design Trend Forecast

Each year at The RTA Store, we enjoy looking ahead at upcoming home trends, especially in the kitchen. We are going to round up the top 5 trends we are most excited about as we approach the new year.

Natural Elements- This trend has already shown up in a big way throughout 2020-21. We have a feeling it is not going anywhere in 2022. The overall aesthetic of using natural elements has considerably high appeal. Natural elements such as wood-toned cabinetry, mixed metal hardware, and marble countertops pair together to bring this trend to life. With more and more people working from home permanently, it’s no surprise the choice of a design that will deliver a calm atmosphere is the go-to trend.

Cottage Style- Vintage and whimsical, this is a fun trend that has popped up everywhere in 2021 and is carrying over into 2022. Rustic wooden tables are taking the place of kitchen islands. Wallpapers filled with florals and other cozy patterns are showing up as well, adding a ton of visual interest to cottage-style kitchens. We are even seeing the return of the under sink curtain, which adds a homey and nostalgic element to your space.

Statement Hoods- Kitchen hoods are integral to any kitchen. While their functionality is crucial, they were once an element that melded into the background in the ways of visual interest. However hoods are now having a moment, and statement hoods are making a splash. Homeowners are choosing to amp up the style with their hoods. Custom wooden hoods and large metal statement pieces are taking center stage and becoming the focal point of kitchens. In 2022 we will continue to see this trend show up in interesting ways.

Color Everywhere- In the past year, blues and greens were the hero shades dominating the color trend. In the upcoming year, we may be seeing even more colors brightening up kitchens. We are seeing bold bright shades and even deep, dark moody kitchens, but we are for sure seeing popularity around monochromatic schemes.

Sleek And Modern- Hidden pantries, integrated appliances, and sleek, clean countertops. The modern kitchen has been around for some time now but is leaning more towards the seamless and clean look for the new year. It’s going to be more about the clean slate surface where paneling will be utilized to heighten the minimalistic nature of this trend.

At The RTA Store, whether you are looking for a traditional style or an up-and-coming style, our design team is at the cutting edge of the trends, while keeping a pulse on the classics. Our designers are here to help you choose the design that will work best in your space, and help make your kitchen renovation dreams a reality.