3 DIY Backyard Patio Updates For Fall

Weather-wise, fall is the most wonderful time of the year! The crisp weather and changing leaves are practically calling your name. Enjoying meals on the patio is a very real possibility, and outdoor entertaining is actually magical. The summer heat has settled down and you’re suddenly wanting to be in your backyard as much as possible. No wonder autumn is your favorite season.

But wait. Your outdoor space isn’t quite finished yet. Just because your patio is lacking in a few key areas doesn’t mean your fall dreams have to dissolve into wishful thinking. We have some simple DIY updates you can conquer in just one weekend, so that you can enjoy every fall day the right way.

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  1. Install new flooring.

Are your patio floors made of concrete? Or maybe your “patio” is really just the part of your backyard where you’ve set up a table and chairs? Grass is nice, but not necessarily the most functional flooring material. Make your patio more official by installing new flooring.

Not sure which material will work best? Porcelain tile flooring is a great material for outdoor spaces, because it is frost resistant and has low water absorption. Since it is so durable, it can transition from season to season in most places.

Porcelain tile flooring also comes in a wide range of styles. From wood-look to marble, this tile is able to mimic a variety of flooring materials. Since many natural materials can be susceptible to damage and changes in different weather, porcelain tile is a great alternative to get the look you want with the durability you need.

  1. Set up an outdoor island or bar cart.

If you love entertaining out on your patio, but an outdoor kitchen or bar is out of the question, we have the next best thing. Portable kitchen islands and carts make great substitutes and really come in handy when you’re eating and drinking out back.

You’ll find a variety of sizes and styles of portable kitchen islands and carts available at The RTA Store. Find the perfect piece for your outdoor space and stock it up for the season. You can utilize your island or cart just like you would a typical home bar or as a place to store your outdoor serving-ware and drink-ware. Once you’ve added your essentials, make it cozy for fall by incorporating some seasonal décor.

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  1. Add some lighting.

Having good lighting for your patio is especially important this time of year as the days become shorter. Let the evening linger long after sunset with some amazing outdoor lighting.

You can achieve ambient lighting by hanging string lights or pendants. Overhead lighting is important, but keep in mind that you don’t need as much lighting as you would indoors. That dim, romantic glow is actually the perfect level of outdoor light.

Don’t skimp on task lighting. It’s important that certain areas are well-lit, such as around your grill or your new portable island. If you’re going to be flipping burgers or pouring drinks, you definitely want to see what you’re doing.

Beyond that, landscape lighting is another excellent layer to highlight the trees and hedges in your backyard. It can also be a good safety precaution if you plan on entertaining, as your guests might not be as familiar with navigating your outdoor space as you are.


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