Back To School: How To Create A Better Organized Homework Space

Do you dread Back to School season and the stress that ultimately comes with it? Homework can be an absolute struggle when distractions and clutter abound. Thankfully, there are simple and smart ways to calm the chaos and create a better organized homework space for the upcoming school year. Read on to learn how.

Designate a quiet place to call their own.

School-aged children need a designated place to study and complete assignments, and the kitchen island should not be their go-to spot. Sure, working at the kitchen island is okay in a pinch, whether it’s a quick essay, cramming session, or easy math assignment that doesn’t require much focus. But the heart of the home isn’t exactly a calm and quiet spot — especially when homework time coincides with the dinner rush and the inevitable clamor of cooking. Instead, consider setting your student up with a workspace that is peaceful and completely their own. This could mean a separate home office, a well-equipped desk in the child’s bedroom, or a semi-private nook in the family room.

9-4-20 RTA2-Graphite Grey ShakerDesign smart yet stylish storage solutions.

Once you decide on a designated workspace in the home, determine what your student will need to complete assignments. Then, find storage solutions that actually work — and look good! Custom cabinets from TheRTAStore can be designed with a spacious desk (or multiple desks), drawers for school supplies, open shelving for textbooks, and closed cabinets for housing anything and everything your student needs to succeed. In addition to our other options for the home, we offer ready to assemble and pre-assembled home office cabinetry in a variety of beautiful styles and finishes. Custom cabinets allow you to maximize storage in a way that is both functional and stylish and are of utmost importance when it comes to creating a better organized homework space.

Blackboard idea conceptFind ways to stay on track and keep up with assignments.

Now that you have a designated homework spot with a spacious desk and custom cabinets for storage, it’s time to find ways to stay on track and help your student keep up with assignments. Options for a homework command center could include dry erase calendars (monthly and weekly), cork board panels, framed chalkboards, academic planners, and color-coded filing systems that keep subjects like history, science, math, and reading separate. Or try this cool DIY whiteboard wall using dry erase paint!

Being organized makes everything easier and a lot less stressful — including homework. Stop dreading Back to School season and start implementing these smart solutions today!


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