3 Game Changing Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

Organizing your pantry is one thing, but keeping it organized is a whole different story. If you’ve overhauled your kitchen pantry cabinet only to find that your honest intentions of maintaining a new, orderly aesthetic just won’t stick, that’s okay. It’s not realistic to think your kitchen is always going to look like one of those dream kitchens you see online. Life happens, and when it does, it’s better to get back into the swing of things rather than wave the white flag.

If pantry chaos has ensued, start with one of these three game changing ways to get things back in order — and keep them that way.

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1.Set a weekly or monthly check in to avoid overcrowding.

Get familiar with what’s in your kitchen pantry cabinet by setting a day each week (or month) to do a walk through. Check labels for expiration dates, and make note of items that are overstocked, so you know what you need to buy and what you don’t. This task shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, but adding a walk through to your routine will reduce the overcrowding that can happen when your pantry is filled with expired and overstocked items.

Bonus tip: While you’re doing your walk through, write down items that are expiring soon or that you have too many of. Then, plug these ingredients into an app or website that finds recipes based on what you already have on hand, like SuperCook. This is an easy way to get meal ideas and to prevent food going to waste.

2. Clear out any seasonal items.

It can be tempting to let the Halloween candy linger past Thanksgiving (candy doesn’t expire for years, right?) but you won’t be doing your pantry any favors. Get out of the habit of holding on to seasonal items that you probably don’t have room for — and eventually will just go bad. This also applies to things you only enjoy certain times of the year, like hot cocoa packets in the winter or strawberry gelatin during warm, summer months. If the season has passed and you still have these types of items sitting on your shelf, clear them out to make room for what’s next. A lot of these non-perishable foods can even be donated to your local food bank, so always check before tossing in the trash.

3. Make sure you can see what’s in your kitchen pantry cabinet.

One thing that most dream kitchens have in common is containers. Whether it’s baskets or bins, categorizing and storing pantry items in containers is the best way to go. If you have trouble keeping things organized, skip containers that you can’t see through (like fabric or wicker). Out of sight, out of mind… and in comes the clutter. You’re more likely to forget about items and overbuy when there’s a lot of hidden space in your pantry. Opt for clear plastic containers instead, which offer total transparency into what you’re storing on your shelves.

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