3 Tips For A Tranquil Master Bath

The master bath is the perfect extension to the master bedroom. It’s the place to start your day, and unwind later in the evening. From those early Monday mornings getting ready at bathroom vanites, to those lazy Sunday nights soaking in a tub, the master bath becomes a source of balance and calm — when designed correctly. Follow these tips to transform your master bath into the tranquil escape it is meant to be, and start saying good morning and goodnight with a little less stress.

1. Optimize your master bath with a functional floor plan.

Tranquil means something different to each of us. For some tranquil could be defined as efficient, while others might translate the term as serene. Find your own version of tranquil and bring it to life with a floor plan that functions for you.

If efficiency is your bliss, the master bath of your dreams may include a double sink bathroom vanity, clear pathways, and a walk-in shower. If you seek a spa-like experience, an oversized tub, large mirrors, and heated flooring could be the winning “worry-free” combination for your serene master bath. The point is to think about the things you value in the room, and focus on creating a functional floor plan that meets and exceeds your needs.

2. Clear out the clutter and amp up organization.

Nothing kills good vibes more than clutter and chaos. How you can you relax with a countertop covered in toiletries, magazines on the floor, and towels hanging off of shelves? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t create a tranquil master bath without ample storage. The less space to store stuff, the more clutter — and clutter does not translate to serenity in any language.

Start by shopping for bathroom products and accessories that make storage a priority. Some bathroom vanities are all about aesthetics, but compromising function for looks is not necessary. The RTA Store melds beauty and purpose, so you’ll find plenty of bathroom vanities that have the look you love and the cabinet space you so desperately need. When everything has a designated place, you are able to stop clutter before it starts and maintain an organized bathroom indefinitely.

Bathroom Linen CabinetBathroom linen cabinets are a smart addition for storing bulky towels and washcloths, as well as other simple storage solutions (like decorative baskets) for keeping extra toilet paper, and other bathroom odds and ends. If you lack a linen closet, bathroom wall cabinets can help increase your shelving, and can act as décor when placed strategically. Use bathroom wall cabinets to accent your bathroom vanity, or opt for in-wall cabinets (or recessed shelving) that can be camouflaged with a mirror door. Every advantage you have to increase cabinet space while keeping the design professional should be considered.

3. Add elements that soothe and excite the senses.

How do calming colors, a sparkling glass tile backsplash, and brushed nickel fixtures sound? The design and color choices you make will have a significant impact on the look and feel of your master bath.

When adding different elements and small details to your bathroom design, don’t overlook their importance. A soft blue glass tile backsplash conveys a different feeling than a bright yellow variety, for example. When the goal is tranquility, the color scheme should be soothing.

Simple additions such as fixtures, shower doors, and bath hardware should complete your new space. These little touches make all the difference, and have the power to evolve your average, everyday bathroom into a tranquil oasis.  


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