4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Large Kitchen Feel Cozy

There are plenty of articles out there on how to make a small kitchen look and feel bigger, but what do you do if you happen to have a large kitchen that looks and feels too huge? What can you do with all of that extra space and how can you make it feel cozy? If these are a few of the questions you’re struggling with, then read on as we’ve compiled four tips that we’re sure you’ll find helpful!

Create Different Zones

With larger kitchens there’s a lot more opportunity to create different work zones. Divide your kitchen into areas that feel more manageable for you. For example you can have an area in your kitchen that’s designated as a workspace for paying bills or a place for the kids to do their homework.

Another type of area you can create is a space for baking or food prep. If you’re someone that likes to cook and have company in the kitchen while you prep the food, a kitchen island that can accommodate seating, eating, and food preparation would also help to create an additional type of work zone.


When thinking about color for your kitchen, instead of choosing colors from the lighter end of the spectrum, look at choosing colors that are a little darker. Lighter colors will open up your space and make it feel brighter and larger. For a kitchen that’s really sizeable, a darker color palate will have the opposite effect, making your kitchen feel cozier.

Not sure about painting all of the walls in your kitchen a darker color? Then use that color sparingly on an accent wall.


Lighting plays a huge factor in any great kitchen design. When you plan for small kitchen spaces, you try to incorporate as much lighting as you can to make the space feel bright and airy. For large kitchen spaces you’ll need to be a lot more selective about the amount and quality of light you incorporate into your design.

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Large Kitchen Feel Cozy
A good lighting designer can help you by planning out how much light you need in your kitchen to function, and also help you choose the correct type of light to achieve the effect you’re looking for.


4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Large Kitchen Feel Cozy
Just like lighting plays a huge factor in how large or small your kitchen feels, choosing kitchen cabinets that have a medium to darker finish will also help to make your large kitchen feel cozier. At TheRTAStore, we have a wide variety of kitchen cabinets to choose from with a medium and darker finish, like our Camden Cherry and Espresso Bean kitchen cabinets.

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