5 Easy Beach Décor Ideas For Your Bathroom

Transforming a bathroom into a coastal paradise is as easy as a day at the beach! From simple DIY decorating projects to adding a touch of nautical flair, here are a few of our favorite ways to bring a little splash of sunshine to your bathroom.

# 1. Construct a DIY seashell mirror.

It’s time to put that shell collection you’ve been stashing to good use! You can create a stunning DIY mirror with just a few materials and your own seashells. All you’ll need is a large framed mirror (pick one up at a thrift shop or check the sale section of your local home goods store — color doesn’t matter since you will be covering the frame) and a hot glue gun. Start on the inside and work your way around in a straight line, putting enough glue to attach two to three shells at a time (you don’t want your glue to dry too soon). Don’t worry about perfection! Your shells are all different shapes and sizes and therefore every inch of your line won’t be the same. When you’re done, give your mirror a little time to dry completely and then hang over your bathroom vanity or any wall you’d like. Not only will your mirror be one of a kind but it will also hold memories from some of your family’s favorite vacations.

# 2. Follow a color scheme inspired by the beauty of the beach.

Your bathroom beach theme doesn’t have to be big. Some homeowners prefer a very subtle take, such as a color scheme that represents different sea elements. Choose a soft, sand colored tile and paint walls a calming aqua or sea foam green for a beach inspired color scheme that leaves the interpretation up to your imagination. White trim is also a hallmark of coastal style. Select nautical-themed art, and accessories to finish the look, but don’t over accessorize. A few pretty seashells are all you need, and maybe an ocean-inspired candle to set the mood!

# 3. Decorate with sea glass style bathroom accessories.

Decorate with sea glass style bathroom accessories
Take inspiration from the sea glass we find scattered among the shells on the shoreline, and choose an accessory set made of foggy blue or green glass. When your storage looks this good, you’ll want to add some open shelving to walls and expose the different sized canisters filled with essentials like cotton balls and swabs.  

# 4. Get creative with tile.

Tile can enhance your beach themed bathroom in many different ways. A unique idea is to do the floor in a mosaic of green and blue glass tiles to create the look of the ocean. This idea also translates nicely to the floor of a shower for a fun and abstract “feet in the water” tile design.
We also like the concept of using two types of tile to create a “pathway” from the door to the tub. As you make your way through the room you’ll be reminded of walking along the boardwalk to the sight of the white sand and tranquil waves of the ocean.

# 5. Bring an outdoor shower in.

Bring an outdoor shower in
Recreate that feeling of an outdoor shower by covering one wall with whitewashed or unfinished wood paneling. This is an inexpensive way to update your walls and will give the room a beachy feel. There’s nothing like coming back to your shore house from the beach, and rinsing off with the sun still on your skin and breeze in the air. Take that refreshing feeling home with you with this DIY wall update.
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