6 Important Bathroom Cleaning Tips You May Be Skipping

After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the second most used room in the house. Daily showers, baths, flushes, and hand-washes take place inside its walls. All that use means frequent cleaning, but your regular bathroom cleaning efforts may not be enough. Here are six important bathroom cleaning tips that you may be missing:
1. Get to know the dynamic bathroom cleaning duo.
Meet vinegar and baking soda. The two common kitchen supplies are quite the cleaning pair in the bathroom. They’re good for removing tough water stains, cleaning the drain, and scrubbing the bathtub floor. Even better, both items are budget-friendly and won’t create harsh fumes!

2. Don’t forget the drain.
While you probably clean the sink bowl, faucet, and surrounding bathroom vanity countertops on a regular basis, you may be overlooking one of the dirtiest parts of the sink: the drain. Microbiology experts say more bacteria live in the bathroom sink drain than on the toilet seat. Yuck! Experts advise pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain, followed by hot water.
3. Stop cleaning the shower liner by hand.
Trying to clean those stubborn pink mildew stains on a plastic shower liner by hand can be time consuming and frustrating. Home experts say to toss the shower liner in the washing machine. Yep, you heard right! Set the washer on its highest water setting, throw in the liner with a couple of old towels, and pour in regular detergent. The old towels will help clean the stains off the liner!

4. Clean out the grout.
Another place that bacteria love to multiply is in bathroom grout. Home experts say grout’s porous nature allows bacteria to easily thrive. The solution? Attack grout with a grout brush (or an old toothbrush) and bleach. They say to dip the brush directly into bleach and scrub away. Just be sure there’s good air circulation in the room. Wearing a mask might also be a smart idea!
5. Change towels often.
Hand and body towels absorb water making them hotbeds for bacteria growth. Aim to change them out at least every three to four days. Wash them in hot water or use the sanitize setting on your washing machine. You can also bleach white towels. After using them, hang wet towels out over the towel bar to prevent bunching, which will help them dry faster.

6. Clean your cleaning supplies.
This may sound like overkill, but think about where those sponges and brushes have been. The toilet brush is a biggie. After cleaning all parts of the toilet, it’s the brushes turn. Home experts recommend trapping the brush handle between the basin and toilet seat, so that the actual brush part is over the basin. Pour bleach over it, let it sit, then pour water over it to get it nice and clean. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away.

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