5 Simple Steps To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

Do you love the beach and do you want to know how to incorporate the coastal look and feel into your home this summer? If so, read on as we’ve compiled a list of five simple steps to help you bring the beach indoors!

#1 Choose The Right Colors

Creating a coastal theme in your home is all about choosing colors that are inspired by nature. When you think about the beach, the first things that may come to mind are cool breezes, sand, the ocean, and the skies.

To create this look indoors, choose light colors for your walls like white or light blue. For upholstered items, look for nautical patterns and colors that offer a combination of blues and whites to help give you that breezy beach house look. For another splash of color, coral, aqua, and sea foam green also work well in coastal decorating.

#2 Choose The Right Flooring

We all know ripping out existing flooring in a home can be a huge expense and a real chore, but there’s no need to go that far to create the beach look.

Adding a simple area rug made of natural materials like jute or sisal, on top of your existing flooring, will help to bring in some of the texture and sandy color one would expect to find at the beach.

#3 Choose The Right Furniture And Fabric

There are lots of different furniture choices when planning out your beach-themed home. Some people prefer a more relaxed look, like a comfy sofa with easy-to-wash canvas slipcovers and a weathered wood coffee table, while others prefer furniture that’s more structured and elegant, like a glass kitchen table with a dark rattan base, and chairs upholstered in a tropical print.

Whichever look you prefer is up to you, but make sure when you’re selecting your furniture, you are choosing a variety of seating styles to accommodate different groups and furniture arrangements.

#4 Choose The Right Accessories

Seashells are a great accessory to use in a beach-themed space. You can collect a bunch of them during your next beach trip, and add them to a beautiful bowl on a table. But why not take it a step further and really get creative with those seashells? Depending upon the size and quality of the seashells you collect, they can be turned into a piece of artwork by framing them, and then hanging them on a wall.

Choose The Right Accessories
Other beach-themed accessory ideas include a beautiful glass jar filled with sand and starfish, decorative sailboats placed on tables around the room, pretty nautical paintings, and even a rope handrail.

#5 Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets

If your budget allows for a kitchen remodel, choosing the right kitchen cabinets will help to finish off the overall look and design of your beach-themed home.

Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets
At TheRTAStore, we offer a wide variety of kitchen cabinet styles. Our Newport White and our Frosted White Shaker kitchen cabinets are two beautiful examples that would work well in a beach-themed home.

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