Best Cabinetry Design for a Modern Bathroom

Modern bathroom cabinetry designs combine personal style, sharp lines and bold colors. Form and function almost dance as form is as much about appearance as it is maximizing functional space. This leads to a lot of unexpected lines as bathroom vanities adapt to unique spaces, blending both comfort and elegance in the process.

If you’re looking for ideas for updating your bathroom cabinets, look no further.

Modern Colors & Finishes for Bathroom Cabinets

Modern colors for bathroom cabinets create a striking look yet remain exceptionally versatile, working well with almost any color and design. Some of the most popular colors include:

  • Wood tones. Light and dark wood tones are a popular choice depending on factors like space, lighting and primary use for the bathroom. A smaller full-bath would benefit from lighter tones (to make the space seem bigger) while dark tones can give a modest half-bath meant for occasional guests a refined look. In larger spaces, either can work with appropriate lighting and design highlights. Wood tones also add a natural finish.
  • The sharp contrast offered by white bathroom cabinets can enhance other features in the room. White cabinets in a solid white bathroom give a clean look, maximize light and combine a classic aesthetic with modern design.
  • Nothing says modern quite like gray bathroom cabinets. Gray provides a soft tone, works with any color and adds a sense of sophistication to any environment.
  • In the right setting, a black bathroom cabinet delivers unexpected elegance and modern class.

A flat European finish defines the modern bathroom cabinet, accentuating its straight lines and enhancing its use of space.

Design Accents for Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Complement your modern bathroom cabinets with sleek, functional accents, such as:

  • Simple, straight hardware in a brushed metallic finish for cabinets and drawers create movement and direct the eyes around the room. For larger drawers, handles can maximize space by doubling as a towel rack.
  • Countertops and sinks offer a lot of flexibility in both color and finish. Ceramic, man-made stone, natural stone and glass offer contrast to the color and finish of the bathroom cabinet. Vessel sinks emphasize the space of the countertop while looking very modern in every setting. An increased variety of sink designs lets any homeowner find the one best suited for their space and style.
  • Bathroom mirrors follow the straight lines of the modern bathroom and often feature trim that matches the cabinets.
  • Faucets flow with the lines of the bathroom cabinets and mirrors. Waterfall faucets combine functionality and style in a practical and easy to maintain feature.
  • Additional accessories are kept to a minimum to enhance the feeling of space and to give the room a clean look. Soap dispensers, soap dishes and free-standing mirrors fit and increase the overall functionality of the space.

Plants, textured tile, stone-work and color highlights provide additional ways of adding interest and texture to your modern bathroom.