3 Spooky And Scrumptious Halloween Party Treats To Make At Home

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe not quite, but with Halloween looming just a few short weeks away, October is definitely a fun way to kick off the holiday season —especially when you plan a Halloween (haunted) house party! Whether you are looking forward to the spooky tricks or scrumptious treats, the magic starts right in your own kitchen, with ingredients that may already be lurking behind the doors of your black cabinets. Here are three spooky and scrumptious Halloween party treats to make at home.

Mini Meatball Mummies

Halloween homemade food sausage meatball mummies wrapped in dough, baked and covered with fake blood sauce decoration for holiday celebration party on vintage wooden background.

Mini meatballs are a party appetizer staple. Sometimes they’re simmering in a slow cooker with a tangy sauce, and sometimes they’re simply served on a toothpick, ready for dipping. Finger foods are always a treat, but Meatball Mummies take it to the next level. Cuter than creepy, whip up some sausage meatballs (or take a shortcut and use premade mini meatballs from the grocery store freezer) and wrap them (3 per mummy) with thin strips of refrigerated pizza dough. Bake as directed, and serve with a side of blood red ketchup or spicy barbeque sauce. Tip: If meatballs give you the chills, trade them for hotdogs! Just cut the hotdogs in half, wrap, bake, and enjoy!

Devilish Deviled Eggs

Everybody likes Deviled Eggs, which is why they are a party favorite. What’s not to like? They’re easy to make and easy to devour. But for your Halloween party, make them extra hot, decadent, and festive! Start with your basic Deviled Eggs recipe, but add a spicy kick with hot sauce, wasabi, sriracha, cayenne pepper, or finely diced jalapenos. Tip: Once your Devilish Deviled Eggs are assembled, get a little mischievous by arranging black olives on top to look like creepy crawly spiders — a delicious trick for your treat! Dig through your black cabinets for a can of black olives, and then use a half an olive for the spider’s body and olive slices for the legs.

Ghost Cakes

10-9-18 RTA3-Ghost Cakes

After your guests gorge themselves on party appetizers, they will surely seek a tasty treat. After all, a big part of Halloween is the sweets! Satisfy their craving with Ghost Cakes. Cupcakes in general are the ultimate party dessert, because they’re easy to serve (no cake knife needed), and are enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. But cupcakes topped with ghosts are both scrumptious and spooky! You can start with boxed cake mix, or make your cupcakes from scratch — it really doesn’t matter. What makes these cupcakes so special is the ghostly dollops of marshmallow frosting on top! Tip: When adding eyes to your ghosts, you could use mini dark chocolate chips, black icing, fondant, or simply purchase sugar candy eyes.

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