How To Recycle Large Appliances

Upgrading your appliances can be one of the most exciting parts of a kitchen remodel. Picture it — shiny stainless steel to complement your new solid wood cabinetry. We bet you’re dreamily envisioning your new kitchen as we speak, and who could blame you? But while bringing in the “new” is super fun, figuring out what to do with the “old” is less than thrilling.

If you’ve been tirelessly Googling “what to do with old appliances” or “how to throw out appliances” and weighing your options, we’re happy to announce you can halt your search. The best way to get rid of large appliances is to recycle them! That’s right. Large kitchen appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can be recycled. Keep reading to find out how to recycle large appliances based on their condition.

Recycling A Working Appliance

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If you’ve decided to replace your appliances as part of your kitchen remodel because they are old but not broken, try to find them a new home. Depending on their condition, you may be able to resell them or know someone in your friend circle that would be happy to take them off your hands. Post photos on social media with the price (if you’re selling) and a pick-up-by date.

Donating your used appliances is also a great option. Contact local organizations or charities until you find one that is interested. They may even offer donation pick up right from your home.

Replacing A Broken Or Unwanted Appliance

If your appliance isn’t working properly or is too old to yield any second-hand interest, you will have to dispose of it.

The easiest way to recycle large appliances is through the same company you’re purchasing your new appliances from. Many offer free disposal programs, so be sure to ask when scheduling delivery of your new appliances. Also inquire about the method in which they dispose of appliances to make sure they are recycling them and following proper procedures.

If that’s not an option, call your local utility company. Since new appliances are more energy-efficient, some utility companies offer a rebate or help with removal themselves when you are replacing an inefficient appliance.

Getting Rid Of A Broken Or Unwanted Appliance

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If you aren’t replacing your appliances, or neither the seller of your new appliances or local utility company can help with recycling, your last option is to drop them off at a recycling center.

If your city has a waste disposal office, give them a call and find out where you can drop off bulk items like kitchen appliances to be recycled and what their policies are. For example, they may only allow drop off Tuesday and Thursday mornings or require that the refrigerator doors be removed or taped down. Getting the information beforehand is best, so that you don’t encounter any unexpected detours when you arrive at the recycling center.

If you’re having trouble finding a recycling center nearby or don’t have the means to transport your old appliances, you can also visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Responsible Appliance Disposal Website to search for disposal options in your area and access more resources.

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