Caribbean Life: 4 Easy Steps To Help Bring The Caribbean To Your Backyard

Did you recently return from a trip to the Caribbean, or do you love everything the Caribbean has to offer and long to visit? Either way we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out how you can bring the look and feel of the Caribbean to your own backyard!

Step 1: Prep Your Backyard

Before you go shopping for items to complete your Caribbean oasis make a game plan of what work needs to be done in your yard. Take the time to clean up your backyard, and get rid of any old junk or debris that might be floating around that has no purpose or home.

Mow the lawn, pull out any dead plants, and trim back any overgrown tree branches. If your deck needs to be redone take the time to re-sand or reseal it before bringing in any new items into your yard.

Step 2: Add In Luscious Foliage

Now that you have a clean canvas to start with, it’s time to shop for some plants. Try to find plants that would typically be found in the Caribbean that have a tropical appearance and feel.

Caribbean Life: 4 Easy Steps To Help Bring The Caribbean To Your Backyard
Find a variety of plant types that have different heights, leaf sizes, colors, and textures. Play with tall grasses and low-lying ground cover plants.

Add more dimension and vivid color to your backyard by including some beautiful floral plants like the Barbados Lily, Yellow Bells, or Hibiscus.

If you love to garden, you can also plant some of the local herbs and veggies that might be found in the Caribbean in your backyard.

Step 3: Accessorize

Some things that come to mind when thinking about the Caribbean are bright colors and an eclectic sense of style.

When choosing furniture for your backyard you really can’t go wrong with mixing and matching furniture styles. The Caribbean has been influenced by many different styles over the centuries.

Group your seating arrangements in your backyard by creating different zones for eating, sitting, or conversation. Choose brightly colored upholstered cushions and pillows that are made for outdoor seating. And don’t forget to have fun with your outdoor table scape décor by adding in some colorful placemats, plates, cloth napkins, and glasses.

Step 4: Fire Up The Grill

What is creating a Caribbean backyard without firing up the grill and cooking up some amazingly tasty authentic Caribbean cuisine? Spice up some chicken with a traditional Jerk Seasoning Sauce and cook it up on the grill. Serve it with traditional rice, peas, and plantains and then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new Caribbean backyard!

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