Cooking Couples: How To Design A Cozy Kitchen Fit For Two

Most of us know that cooking at home is more affordable and healthier than dining out — but did you know it could also help make your relationship stronger? It seems that couples that cook together, stay together. In a recent survey about cooking and relationships, 87% of respondents said that cooking is one of the top activities couples can do to strengthen their relationship.

Sounds like it’s time to turn on the oven!

Are you ready to make cooking with your partner part of your weekly routine? Set yourself up for success by designing a kitchen with two chefs in mind.

Pick the perfect layout for a two-cook kitchen.

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A small walkway in your kitchen means you and your sous-chef won’t have a lot of room for collaborative cooking. If there will be two cooks in the kitchen, opt for a kitchen layout that is easy to walkthrough, such as a horseshoe or open concept kitchen design. Like its name hints, a horseshoe kitchen has a u-shaped design with three walls of cabinets and appliances. Most homeowners that choose this layout opt for the “third wall” to consist of a kitchen island, which evolves the horseshoe design into an open concept kitchen. If you need help creating your custom kitchen design, reach out to our design team. We offer free kitchen design services to help you create the perfect kitchen for your home.

Designate zones for different tasks.

To create a functional workflow, also think about zones when designing your kitchen. For maximum efficiency, you will want one chef to be able to handle one task (like baking cookies for dessert) while the second chef tackles something entirely different (like prepping the meat for the grill). If this is possible, then you’ll have created effective work zones and your kitchen will function more seamlessly. The more chefs the merrier!

When choosing your countertops, avoid porous materials that stain easily.

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If you plan to do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, it’s best to avoid porous materials for your countertops. Some materials are more susceptible to stains. If you like the look of natural stone, but want something highly durable, go with quartz or acrylic solid surface countertops from The RTA Store. Quartz and solid surface countertops offer the desired look, while being easy to clean and low-maintenance. They are also non-porous, so bacteria and stains don’t stand a chance!

Make the most of your DIY kitchen cabinets with inside cabinet accessories.

When choosing ready to assemble DIY kitchen cabinets over pre-assembled varieties, you save money that can be put towards upgrades like inside cabinet accessories. With custom storage options, you’ll create a more organized workspace — which is ideal for a multi-cook kitchen. Assign a designated spot for knives, small appliances, cookware, spices, and all of your other kitchen accessories. Then optimize your cabinets and drawers with accessories specifically created for storing and organizing those items. When selecting the perfect spot for each kitchen accessory, think about where you will use those items. For example, store your mixer and cookie trays in your baking zone and your knives in your meat prepping zones. Having the right appliances and accessories in the right zones will further simplify your workspace and create a conflict-free kitchen for you and your partner.

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