How Color Affects You In The Built Environment

Thinking about repainting a few rooms in your house this spring? With so many color choices to choose from, it can be a daunting task to know where to start first. Certain colors can send you into a rage and others can make you feel calm and peaceful. Some colors are very popular by region and others by gender, age, and ethnic background. We’ve pulled together a little information that we hope will help you make an informed decision about color and how it can affect your everyday life even; while you may not be thinking about it.

Color #1: Red

Red is the most intense color. It stimulates excitement, draws people together, and creates a strong first impression. Feng Shui design recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents. Famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright used red as a signature color in most of his designs.

Restaurants tend to have red hues in their spaces to stimulate your appetite. Red is a fantastic color in any kitchen or a focal point on an accent wall in an entryway. While red is a very beautiful color,  we wouldn’t recommend painting a bedroom this color as it would raise a rooms energy level too much.

Color #2: Orange

Orange is a close cousin to the color red; it radiates warmth, energy, and stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. A fun and flamboyant color, orange is often called the “social” color, as it creates “Feng shui” energy to promote lively conversation and good times in your home.

The softness and warmth of orange makes it an easy color to live with, especially when the color red is too strong.

Like red, orange is also an appetite stimulator and would be an excellent choice for an accent wall in a kitchen. It’s also a great feature wall choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and children’s play areas or anywhere you’d like to have a space feel lively or playful.

Color #3: Blue

Blue is by-far everyone’s most favorite color. The color blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. Blue is known as the color of the spirit; it invokes rest and causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming. Using blue in a room can make a room feel fresh, clean, and cool.

Blue is a great color to use in rooms where you want to create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation like a living room, family room, bedroom, or bathroom. Many corporate offices are also more inclined also to use blue in their spaces as people tend to be more productive in blue rooms. 

Color #4: Green

Green like the color blue is also a very relaxing color. It’s a color that’s peaceful, and promotes health, growth, balance, and harmony. Green is organic, calming, and nurturing. In Feng Shui it’s the color of renewal, fresh energy, and new beginnings.

Green is a wonderful color for a bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want to create a soothing peaceful environment.

Color #5: Yellow

Yellow is a warm and cheerful color that’s full of joy and happiness. However, it’s also a color that has both positive and negative connotations associated with it. Yellow is good when used sparingly. Large amounts of yellow tend to create frustration and anger in people. It’s not a good color for a baby’s room, but it is a good color for small spaces like kitchens, dining rooms or accent walls.

Color #6: Purple

Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. It’s known for being a color that represents luxury, sophistication, creativity, wisdom, and spirituality. Lighter shades of purple are great for creating relaxation. It’s an excellent color for a bedroom or living room.

Color #7: Neutrals

Neutrals are black, white, gray, and brown. Any of these neutrals can bring balance and clam to any space provided you choose the right shade paint. Black communicates luxury, sophistication, and excellence. White brings happiness, purity, and simplicity. When used in an interior space it creates a sense of space, making a room look larger. Gray is the most neutral of all. It’s an unemotional color. It’s quiet and reserved while creating a sense of calm and composure. Brown conveys warmth and nature; it evokes a sense of strength and reliability and can make a room feel warm and inviting.

Depending upon the ambiance you want to create, color can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but we hope we’ve helped to give you a good start with choosing the right colors for your home.