Succulents and Moss in a Glass Jar

How To Build A DIY Terrarium For Your Kitchen Or Bath

A terrarium is like a mini-world filled with plants, flowers, décor and more! They can be sealed or left open, and can be put pretty much anywhere — arranged on kitchen islands, placed on bathroom vanities with tops, or on your window sill, for example. They can also be made with just about anything, and can range in size from super small to big and boisterous. Here, we’ll provide a little inspiration for making your own DIY terrarium to put in your kitchen or bath.


Terrarium in a Glass VasePick The Perfect Container


Your first step in building a DIY terrarium will be deciding the size of your project, and what type of container will be the perfect base. Where do you want your terrarium to go? The best way to pick the right container is to first determine where you’ll be putting your terrarium. Since they can be centerpieces for kitchen islands or accents on bathroom vanities with tops, where they go will play the biggest role on what size you’ll choose.


Once you know approximately how big of a terrarium you want, you get the fun job of choosing a container. There are so many items that can be repurposed into foundations for your terrarium. Think old cake pans, bowls, vases, fish bowls, deep kitchen sinks, or whatever your imagination can come up with! There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money on this either. You’ll likely be able to find something in your home that has been discarded and would make the perfect container for your terrarium.


Choose Plants, Miniatures, Figurines, And Other Décor


Spring Terrarium GiftsDo you love succulents? Fall for orchids every time you see them? Any small house plant can inhabit your terrarium, so pick your favorite and use that as your inspiration. From there you can add pebbles, rocks, sand, miniatures, figurines — the possibilities are endless! You can even create seasonal terrariums that complement your other holiday décor.


Terrariums also make great gifts! Why not make a whimsical world for someone special, and help them add a touch of nature to their kitchen or bath?


Assemble Your Terrarium


Once you have all of your supplies, you can assemble your DIY terrarium. Putting one together is simple. The only important thing to remember is LAYERING. Start with charcoal and then add a layer of rocks. From there you can add your soil (make sure it is the right kind for the plants you’ve chosen) and plant your plants. Once you are done layering, you can start adding your miniatures and figurines. There’s no rules once the plants have been added, so have fun arranging a scene that steals your heart.  


This project can be accomplished in minutes, but you can also make an event of it. Tell some friends about your new interest and plan a DIY night with food, drinks, and terrariums! A Kitchen island makes a great workstation to set up all your materials. Kids also love designing their own terrariums for their dolls or action figures. If you have children, a DIY day is always a great weekend activity for the whole family.



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