How To DIY A Spa-Inspired Bathroom On A Budget

There’s no better way to relax than by treating yourself to a day at the spa. From the calming atmosphere to the soothing sounds and scents, a spa escape can be the ultimate reset when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

But it can also be expensive, which is why most of us don’t indulge in a spa day as frequently as we’d like. Rather than wait until your next retreat, recreate that spa experience right at home. From the best bathroom vanities to that gleaming backsplash tile, here’s how to DIY your spa-inspired dream bathroom on a budget.

Replace your standard shower head with a rainfall style.

Stepping into the shower at a spa is a treatment in itself. The tile shimmers, the light is perfectly dim, and the water mists delicately down your body.

The secret to the spa shower is the rainfall shower head. Specifically designed to mimic real rain, this shower head style distributes an even flow of water from above you — rather than at you. A rainfall shower head is typically mounted on the ceiling instead of the wall or features a bar extension so that the water can flow down. The result is a drenching shower with wider, more even coverage.

To really replicate the spa shower, you can also install backsplash tile in an enchanting design, such as elegant polished porcelain, earthy marble pebbled tile, or a shimmering Venetian Glass mosaic. Smart dimmable lighting helps you achieve the perfect level of brightness and is the finishing touch you won’t want to forget.

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Install RTA cabinets to create a clean, organized look for a fraction of the price.

Empty space, empty mind. There is definitely something about a clean, organized room that allows you to unwind. Clutter can be stress-inducing and there’s definitely no mess at the spa. Ensure that your new spa bathroom stays clutter-free by installing a vanity and cabinets that will help you keep organized.

The best bathroom vanities provide adequate storage, so there’s no spillover onto your countertops. While investing in custom cabinets for your bathroom can be costly, you can save serious cash by opting for RTA or ready to assemble. By going with the DIY option, you can have your dream bathroom and stay within your budget.

Complete your vanity by opting for a vessel sink, which looks a little more luxurious and is around the same price as a traditional undermount style.

A towel bar and hook provide the perfect place to hang your plush towels and comfy robe.

When designing your spa-inspired bathroom, don’t forget the details. Having a designated place to hang towels and your robe not only reminds you to use the good stuff but also keeps them off the floor!

Install a towel bar conveniently next to your shower or tub and a robe hook on the back of your bathroom door. And speaking of the good stuff, use some of the money you saved on your RTA bathroom vanity and splurge on the extra large plush towels and the comfy robe. These tiny touches will help you take the trip from your bathroom straight to the spa without ever leaving your house.

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Set the scene with lush plants, candles and soft music.

A great way to create that spa ambiance without spending a lot of money is by decorating your space with plants. Greenery like eucalyptus adds an organic element that will help you relax and also brings a refreshing scent into the room. You can even hang eucalyptus leaves from your shower head and let the steam provide you with a wave of aromatherapy.

Candles are another affordable decoration that helps you set the spa scene. Light them when you’re going in for your nightly shower or bath to help you unwind. Opt for candles in calming scents like lavender or set up an essential oil diffuser in the room.

Your spa-inspired bathroom wouldn’t be complete without the right playlist. You will instantly feel more at ease with your portable speaker purring soft music or nature sounds throughout the room while you enjoy a DIY spa treatment.


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