How To Give A New Home Classic Charm

When moving into a newly built house, you may find it lacks the character often associated with an older home. Developers sometimes mistake new for modern, creating a contemporary space that may not be suited to its future residents. Although you love the idea of newer construction, you miss all those charming details that were left out of the equation.

Traditional Dining RoomWhile you can surely appreciate the new flooring, shiny appliances, and gorgeous kitchen island, it is not unwarranted to want to make your new home feel more traditional. Here are a few tips for how to give a new home a little classic charm, without sacrificing modern conveniences.

Install an apron front sink.

An apron front sink possesses plenty of charm and will instantly soften your contemporary kitchen. Modeled after the rustic farmhouse sink style, an apron front sink adds function and country flair while still complementing the modern appliances and other elements in the room. This unique design reveals the front side of the sink basin, rather than covering it with kitchen cabinets. The result is a kitchen sink that becomes décor! You’ll also receive the benefits that go hand-in-hand with an apron front sink (like large bowls and easy drainage).

Swap cabinets with dark finishes for white kitchen cabinets.

Many recently built homes will feature kitchens with grey, dark brown, or even black cabinetry. While these finishes are beautiful, they may make the room feel contemporary and cool instead of warm and bright. If you prefer the latter, opting for white kitchen cabinets can make all the difference. Your cabinets play a huge role in the look and feel of the room, and white kitchen cabinets can really up the charm in a new kitchen. Switching sleek, polished drawer pulls with a brushed or antique finish can also tone down the newness of your kitchen.

French Vanilla Glaze – The RTA StoreAdd a bit of old school to create a transitional look.

Mixing old and new has become the go-to trend in kitchen design. This trend incorporates both modern and traditional elements to create a hybrid or transitional kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen appear less modern, turning the theme transitional is a good strategy.

A great way to achieve this is by including some of the more striking details from a traditional kitchen that are easy to add, such as a chimney style kitchen vent hood or a timeless subway tile kitchen backsplash. Both of these additions will have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen, but neither require too much money or clean up. Installing a kitchen vent hood or a kitchen backsplash are considerably small projects that will surely bring character to your kitchen.

It’s all in the details. Classic elements such as crown molding and wainscoting are often left out of newer home floor plans. But never fear. These are both simple additions that can be a DIY project down the road.


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