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How To Install A Garbage Disposal In Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks require a lot of working parts to function properly, and one key piece is the garbage disposal. If yours has broken, there’s no need for us to tell you how essential this part is. You’re already well aware! However, not all kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal installed, so it is possible you may even be putting your first one in.


Hiring a plumber to fix or install your disposal might be an efficient solution but it can also be pricey. If you’re up to DIY, you can install a new garbage disposal in your kitchen sink for a lot less money.


What You’ll Need


The tools and materials you’ll need are pretty simple. Here’s a quick list to reference when gathering your supplies:


Garbage Disposal Kit

Plumber’s Putty

Putty Knife


Pipe Cutter



Homeowner Fixing a Garbage DisposalWhat You’ll Do


First things first, you’ll need to remove the existing assembly, and you’ll want to place a bucket underneath to catch any water that might be released when doing that. You’ll also want to clean your sink to ensure there is no dirt or debris.


Step 1: Remove the P-trap and drain basket.


Step 2: Lay out the pieces from your garbage disposal kit. Some may come pre-assembled, so you’ll want to remove the ring and fasteners so that you can prepare this piece for installation.


Step 3: Replace the rubber gasket on your flange with a snake of plumber's putty so that your seal will last longer. To do this, simply roll out a string about ⅜” in diameter and press it along the underside of the flange gasket.


Step 4: You’re now going to press the flange putty-side down into the top of the sink. A little putty will leak out of the sides. This is totally fine. Just wipe away any excess when you’re done attaching the fastening system.


Step 5: At this stage, it helps if you have another set of hands to attach the fastening system underneath the sink, while you hold the flange in place on the top of your sink. Attach the mounting plate using screws.


Step 6: You’re now going to attach the tail pipe to your garbage disposal. You will use the metal spring ring or bracket that was included in your kit to do this.


Step 7: This is an optional step that you will only take if you are going to drain your dishwasher through your disposal. If so, you will remove the breakout plate. If not, leave your disposal as is.


Step 8: There may already be a power cord attached to your disposal. If not, you will need to also purchase a wiring kit. Connect it by removing the plate on your disposal, and connecting the wiring harness.


Homeowner Washing Dishes in Kitchen SinkStep 9: You’re now going to attach your disposal by pressing the unit into the flange and rotating the mounting rings until it is secured. Don’t make this too tight for now.


Step 10: Use your pipe cutter to get your P-trap to be just the right size, and then connect it to your disposal.


Step 11: Continue rotating the mounting ring so that the tabs are locked, and then fully tighten them with a screwdriver.



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