Chalkboard Wall Idea

How To Paint A Kitchen Chalkboard Wall In 6 Steps

A kitchen chalkboard wall is one of the great wonders of interior design. You’ve seen them in magazines, on Pinterest, and maybe even in your dreams, but you never truly thought you’d put one in your kitchen — until now. A chalkboard is actually an amazing accent wall that serves a purpose. It doesn’t matter if you have white kitchen cabinets or gray kitchen cabinets; this is one paint that complements every cabinet finish. Aside from its quirky, creative appeal, it is also really fun and functional! Can’t find a piece of paper? Always forgetting what groceries you need? Have kids that won’t let you cook dinner? A chalkboard wall is an excellent notepad and entertainment for children, and here you’ll see how to paint one yourself in six easy steps.


What you’ll need:


  • Painting SuppliesDrop cloth
  • Pole sander and 100-grit sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Latex chalkboard paint (make sure it is a writable and erasable variety)
  • Paint tray
  • Paint roller
  • Paintbrush


Step 1. Pick the perfect chalkboard wall.


Where will your chalkboard wall go? The right location is key. You want an area that is convenient for jotting down notes, and is not in the way of your work flow. If you have kids that are going to make this wall their easel, you want to be sure it’s not right where you prep food.


Step 2: Get your wall prep out of the way.


You’ll want to move any appliances, clear out any clutter, and put down a drop cloth before getting to work. Then you’ll need to sand the wall so that it is prepped for painting. To sand your wall, use your pole sander and work your way top to bottom and side to side.


Step 3: Put up some painter’s tape.


Use painter’s tape to protect kitchen cabinets, windows, baseboards, intersecting walls, and your ceiling. You wouldn’t want those beautiful gray kitchen cabinets or hardwood floors to be splattered during your project! Always take the extra step to protect the space you are working in.


Step 4: Start painting the edges of your DIY chalkboard wall.


Now for the fun part! Pour your chalkboard paint into your tray, and use your paintbrush to begin painting around windows, corners, and edges. You will “cut in” painting from the edge inward. Apply a second coat and then get ready to roll!


Step 5: Use your roller to fill in the center.


Once your edges have been covered using your paintbrush, you will move to your roller to finish the job. Pour more paint into your tray, and begin applying the paint to the wall using your roller. You will move up and down, one section at a time, creating a “W” with your strokes. This will help you achieve an even finish.


Latex chalkboard paint dries pretty quickly, so you should be able to start your second coat a few hours after the first is applied.


Chalkboard Wall in KitchenStep 6: Put your chalkboard to good use!


Once your second coat has fully dried, you can remove your painter’s tape and return your kitchen to normal.


Whether you have white kitchen cabinets or black, hard wood floors or ceramic tile, a chalkboard wall is a complementary addition to your home that is as useful as it is entertaining. Congratulations on a successful DIY project! We hope you enjoy the results.



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