Clearing out your bathroom cabinets can help you find more space in your bathroom.

Special Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

As spring rolls in, we'll start to hear that all too familiar phrase of "spring cleaning." For some people, this means throwing out old items and bringing in the new, while for others it's a deep cleanse of the home. If you're more on board with the latter, you might consider starting with the bathroom, where a little cleaning in a smaller space can make a huge difference. We have a few tips to make your bathroom cleaning quick, easy, and efficient!

With surface cleaning your bathroom vanities, tile, pedestal sink, etc. you'll want to make note that heating up surfaces by 10 degrees will double the effectiveness of any alkaline cleaners you use. As you're already in the bathroom, you can do this by letting the hottest water run into the bathtub and collecting it to pour over the surfaces.

To get rid of build-up in your showerhead, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, tie it around the head so that it is submerged, and leave it overnight.

Many cleaners are harsh on your toilet bowl and break down the enamel. An easy alternative is to sprinkle in some baking soda, let it sit, and then scrub with a little vinegar.

Vinegar is also handy when it comes to cleaning your bathroom cabinets and bathroom wall cabinets. You can mix a 50/50 solution of warm water and vinegar and fill a spray bottle. If the cabinets seem extra dirty, you might add a few drops of cleaning detergent. Then just wipe down with a cloth or sponge.

You can use this cleaner on the inside as well, and also you might consider moving items you keep out on the counter inside your new clean cabinets. Bathroom cabinet organizers are extremely helpful when it comes to storing those small bathroom items that you use on a regular basis.


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