How To Perk Up A Plain Powder Room

It’s well known that good things come in small packages —bathrooms included! A half-bath (also known as a powder room), does not have a bathtub or shower (as the name implies). While short on square footage, it is still an important part of the home, and can pack a powerful design punch with a little inspiration and some TLC. Turn your bland and basic powder room into something spectacularly good with these helpful tips.

Bathroom Cabinets Save The Day

Since space is limited, it seems like the go-to arrangement in a powder room is a toilet on one wall facing a pedestal sink on the opposite wall (or directly adjacent). But this doesn’t leave you with many (or any) options for storage. Take matters into your own hands by installing a ready-to-assemble wall cabinet above the toilet (or open shelving), and swapping out that pedestal sink for a small bathroom vanity with a single sink above and cabinet space below. This simple DIY project will make your powder room more functional, with plenty of storage solutions for extra rolls of toilet paper, scented air freshener, cleaning supplies, and fresh hand towels.

Pick A Palette Of Pretty Paint Colors

7-10-18 RTA2-Grey Shaker

There is no better way to perk up a plain powder room than with a few fresh coats of paint on the walls! Painting the walls is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your boring space, and depending on your color choice, can even make your small bathroom appear larger. After the paint dries, top it all off with new bath hardware, such as towel rings and a matching toilet paper holder, and maybe even some crisp white wainscoting.

Give Your Frameless Mirror a Facelift

Most basic powder rooms feature a frameless mirror above the sink. Some might be oval; others might be rectangular or square. Regardless of the shape, these mirrors tend to blend into the background. Don’t let a design opportunity go to waste, especially in a small bathroom with little room for decorative touches. Purchasing a new mirror can be pricy. Instead, give your existing mirror a makeover by adding a frame! This simple, DIY project can be completed in an afternoon, and will add some style to your small space.

Perk Up Your Powder Room With Personal Touches

Close-up view of bathroom vanityAfter you have updated your bathroom cabinets and mirror, and have added a fresh color to the walls, it’s time to decorate! Choose judiciously, since space is limited — the last thing you want to do is go from plain to positively cluttered. Rather than fill the room with whatever, take your time and add personal touches that tastefully showcase your unique style. Last but not least, add fluffy new hand towels and a bathroom rug that perfectly compliments your perked up powder room.

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