Top 5 Ways to Help Keep Your White Kitchen White

What is it about white kitchens that we all love? Is it the fact that it goes with everything or maybe because lighter spaces can visually make rooms feel larger? Whatever the reason is, if you have a white kitchen, we’re sure you’re wondering how you can best keep your white kitchen looking pristine and new.

Check out our short list of top 5 ways to help you keep your white kitchen looking white.

1. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

There are many different types of cleaning products available on the market to help keep your kitchen cabinets and surfaces clean. But some cleaning products can do more harm to surfaces than good.
Avoid using products with harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning agents. Your best bet for maintaining a white kitchen is to use a soft cloth with warm water and a mild detergent.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

It’s always great to allow natural light into any space, but did you know that direct sunlight can damage kitchen cabinets and other materials? Too much direct sunlight on any surface can cause materials to eventually breakdown and discolor overtime.

A great solution for protecting your kitchen cabinets from direct sunlight is to install window treatments like blinds, solar shades, or drapery. Not only will adding window treatments solve the problem of direct sunlight on surfaces, you’ll also be adding a touch of décor to your kitchen while still allowing a little natural light into your space.

3. Clean Spills Immediately

It’s easy to get caught up while you’re cooking and think I’ll get back to that spill or splatter later on, but if you have a counter top that’s white and extremely porous, you might want to rethink your decision to clean up that spill later.

Waiting too long to attend to a spill will give it a chance to set into the material and cause permanent discoloration. So do yourself a favor and wipe up the spill as quickly as possible.

4. Got a White Sink?

You saw that beautiful farmhouse white kitchen sink in a magazine and you just had to have it! Well, after living with it for a while and seeing how it’s starting to wear, we’re sure you’re wondering what you can do to help keep it white.

Top 5 Ways to Help Keep Your White Kitchen White

Keep your sink looking shiny and new by cleaning it daily with a mild soap and soft cloth, and avoid using abrasives and harsh chemicals.

5. Use a Sealer

Did you decide against using a sealer on your countertops and backsplashes when you were in the renovation stages of your kitchen remodel? But now after living in your white kitchen are you rethinking your decision? If so, you can still add a sealer to your countertops and backsplash surfaces.
Adding a sealer to these surfaces will help protect the material from any stains or grease splatters that may occur while cooking in the kitchen.

We know white kitchens can be a chore to take care of, but we hope we’ve been able to share a few helpful tips to help you keep your white kitchen white.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you do to help keep your white kitchen white.