How To Plan A Memorable Movie Or Game Night At Home

There’s no need to go out to get your thrills when your home is prepped for a fun night in. Here are some tips to plan a movie or game night at home that the whole family will love.

  1. Turn your TV Room into a Home Theatre.

African American Family Having Fun Playing Computer Console GameWith the right setup, you can skip the theatre and enjoy a movie night at home with your crew. Opt for TV room cabinetry that puts all eyes on your flat screen by framing your television for ultimate viewing. The custom entertainment centers from The RTA Store allow you to design the TV room of your dreams. You’ll find dozens of styles and finishes, plus glass doors and other accessories to create your perfect space. If you need help picking the right TV room cabinetry for your home, just contact our design team and take advantage of our free online room design.


  1. Use streaming services to access an entire library of movies on demand.

The days when you needed to run out to the movie store to pick up a flick are long gone. With the technology available today, you can access an entire library of new and old movies on demand. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are a few popular services that allow you to stream movies anytime you want. Many offer your first month for free, so you could test them out to find the one that has the best options for your family’s preferences. If you subscribe to cable, your provider might also have built-in streaming features (these tend to be a little more limited and expensive, but definitely ask if you’re not sure).

  1. Get a Game Night going any day of the week.

When you’re not in the mood for a movie but also don’t feel like going out, game night is the answer. It’s easy to set up a circle around your coffee or dining room table—or even the breakfast bar in your open concept kitchen. Invest in a few of your favorite board games, and playing cards for card games, and store them in your TV room cabinetry for an impromptu game night any day of the week. Or break out the video game system for family fun! With tons of different options, both traditional and digital, you can ensure your party won’t get stale and kids will actually participate.

  1. Stock your pantry or solid wood Cabinetry with the perfect party snacks.

What’s a party without good food? Make sure your pantry or solid wood cabinetry is always stocked with the perfect party snacks. Microwave popcorn should be a staple, and you could even toss in some chocolate morsels for the ultimate sweet and salty combo. Rather than get big bags of candy, buy a few of the movie theatre style boxes. They only cost $1 at most stores and allow each member of your family to have their favorite candy on hand. For a healthy alternative, serve sliced apples dipped in peanut or almond butter, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. Keep Things Cozy with Throws and Plush Pillows

1-18-19 RTA3-Family Watching Movie in TV Room

Make your living room the most comfortable room in the house with cozy throw blankets and plush pillows. Comfy can still be cute, but if you don’t want the clutter, store these living room accessories in a storage ottoman or linen closet. Then when movie or game night rolls around, your partygoers will know where to find the goods.

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