How To Sneak Extra Storage Into Your Space | The RTA Store

Learning how to manage clutter is a task we all deal with in our everyday lives. From our kitchens to our foyers, simple hacks can be done to make the most of our living spaces. Read on for some easy ideas for how to sneak extra storage into your space!

Hidden Spaces

Don’t have a dedicated landing area for all your daily necessities? Consider hiding official essentials within your kitchen cabinets! Keep smartphones, sunglasses, keys and important mail in a tidy basket or bill sorter concealed behind cabinet doors, right in the hub of the home.

Tilt Out TraysRTA-Tilt-Out-Tray

Take advantage of faux drawers and install tilt out trays for extra storage. Perfect for hiding sponges and veggie brushes at the kitchen sink, and toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste in the bathroom, tilt out trays are great way to utilize wasted space.


RTA-Alexandria-Natural-Wood-Top-Wine-Island- White Kitchen Island

While a kitchen island is made to make entertaining easier, consider purchasing one with extra storage to keep cookware and other essentials hidden away. At TheRTAStore, we offer kitchen islands and portable carts that feature spacious cabinets to hide all the tools of the trade, plus wine islands and carts to house your favorite Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Behind The Door(RTA-Door-Mount-Spice-Rack

A closet door can easily be transformed into extra storage space with a few tweaks. Use a combination of hooks and bars to organize belts and jewelry, mops and brooms, or bath towels. In the kitchen, add a spice rack on the back of a pantry or cabinet door to keep herbs and spices within reach.

The Ceiling

Shelving and kitchen cabinets can be extended all the way to the ceiling to stow less used items. Keep a step stool nearby for easy access! A pot rack on the ceiling is a great way to store cookware when space is limited.

Above The Toilet

Too many bathroom essentials and not enough bathroom storage space? Install a series of open shelves above the toilet. Stash washcloths and toiletries in decorative baskets to add storage and décor to an otherwise wasted space.

By The Entryway

Easily create more space near your front door by setting up a mini mudroom. Add a boot tray or shoe rack, or use a storage bench to keep footwear contained. Set up open shelving above with baskets to hold hats and gloves, and keep entryway clutter at bay.

Garage Storage

Even a small garage can be turned into a great place for storage! Install wall-mount cabinets and industrial shelving along the walls to keep items organized and out of the way.
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