Pantry-less Galley Kitchen

Making The Most Of A Pantry-Less Kitchen

When your kitchen isn’t equipped with a pantry, you’re forced to get creative. Revamp your kitchen cabinets with the help of kitchen cabinet organizers to compensate for your lack of a pantry. By making the most of every inch, you’re able to share the space in your kitchen cabinets between your serving ware and food items. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your pantry-less kitchen.


How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Organizers


What would you normally store in your pantry? That is the first question you need to ask yourself. The answer will help you determine which kitchen cabinet organizers will benefit you the most. Typical pantry items include spices, cooking oils, cereal, canned soups and vegetables, and dry grains like rice and pasta. Take into account which of these items you typically keep in your home, and what your kitchenware inventory looks like.


When you have an idea of what you’ll be storing in your kitchen cabinets, it will be easy deciding between a tray divider, base filler, door mounted spice rack, or Lazy Susan. Or you might come to the conclusion that you need them all!


Plastic Food Storage ContainersSave Space By Getting Rid Of Boxes And Packaging


One huge space hog is packaging. Do you really need to keep all of your dry goods in boxes? Think of all the items that could survive on their own, like cereal, cookies, packs of instant oatmeal, tea bags, granola bars, dry pasta, dry beans, rice, and crackers. Glass or plastic containers offer an organized and more space efficient alternative storage solution. You can line up these containers on the countertop if you like the look, or keep them side-by-side in your kitchen pantry cabinet.


When You Have A Small Kitchen, Anything Is Fair Game


One big obstacle those with a small or pantry-less kitchen face is accepting that things are going to be different. Stop yourself from saying, “That can’t go there!” and realize that it actually can. There are no rules about where you can or can’t store things. If your refrigerator is half empty most of the time, take advantage of it by storing tuna fish cans or bread there. Have some space above the refrigerator? Use that area to keep chips, crackers or other snacks in a large basket. It might seem out of the ordinary at first, but wouldn’t you rather a little unusual storage than a lot of countertop clutter?


Shop Smart And Don’t Stress The Small Stuff


When you don’t have the luxury of a pantry, you can really benefit from meal planning and keeping an organized shopping list. You’ll avoid losing space to items that sit around for months unused, and probably save some money at the same time.


Coffee Shaker with Pantry Cabinet - The RTA StoreAlso, learn to compromise. If you’ve just finished a grocery run and find your kitchen cabinets are at capacity, don’t freak out. Simply take out the items that you will be using for dinner that night, or for making tomorrow’s lunches. Using your countertop, kitchen island or kitchen table to momentarily serve as a meal prep station is a small loss to preserve your peace of mind.


Of course, if your pantry-less kitchen is just not working for you, The RTA Store is here to help. We offer affordable, ready to assemble and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets with options like a built-in kitchen pantry cabinet, to make the most of the space you have.



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