Organize Your Garage

Time to Organize Your Garage Before Summer Hits

For many of us, garages can become one extremely big junk drawer, with piles of random items strewn about that make it difficult to find and use things when we need them. If this sounds a bit like how your garage looks right now, then make some room on your calendar to get your garage in shape before summer arrives.

Follow the suggestions below for organizing your garage and it will soon become a space you can use again.

Declutter First

Whenever beginning any organization project, you’ll want to clear out the clutter first. Take everything out of your garage and give your garage a good cleaning. Then go through everything, getting rid of any items that are damaged. Donate or recycle things that are in good condition but that you no longer need.

Group Similar Items Together

 Once you’re left with only the items you’ll be keeping, group similar items together and decide which part of the garage you’ll store them in. Everything should have an assigned spot. For example, you may designate one area for gardening and yard tools, another area for tools, one for sports equipment and so on.

Create Proper Storage Space

After your items are sorted and you know how you’re going to organize them, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough storage space, as well as functional containers.

Here are some storage ideas and practical tips to help you as you go about organizing your garage:

  • To best protect your belongings, get water-resistant containers that seal and use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes—especially for items that will be stored on the floor. Be sure to label containers with what’s inside them, such as holiday decorations, so you can find them when you need them.
  • Keep summer items where they’re visible and easily accessible. For instance, you can store garden gloves and tools in one container and summer sporting equipment, like bats, gloves and balls, in another.
  • Adding cabinets and/or shelves will not only create additional storage space, but will immediately make your garage look clean and organized. Depending on your needs, preferences and available space, you can go with freestanding cabinets of different sizes or install cabinets and/or shelves directly onto the walls.
  • Get ladders, bikes and other big items off the floor by hanging them on the walls. When using your wall space, be sure to obtain shelves and hooks designed to hold the weight of the items you’re storing.
  • If you don’t already have a garage workbench, consider getting one if you have a lot of tools and could use a flat surface to work on. Whether you buy a ready-made workbench or have one custom-made, you’ll want it to have several drawers of varying sizes to efficiently store small tools. Install a pegboard above your workbench for convenient access to screwdrivers, hammers and power tools.

Once your garage is organized, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the summer knowing you can easily find everything you need, from gardening tools and hoses to beach supplies and bikes. Just be sure to maintain the great organizational system you’ve created so you don’t have to go through this process again!