RTAStore’s Top 10 Favorite Backsplashes Part 2

Backsplashes are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a kitchen or bathroom. In Part 1 of our Top 10 Favorite Backsplashes post, we listed eco-friendly options, stainless steel, slate, concrete and glass as a few of our favorites. Here we will continue to countdown our favorite backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom.

6. Ceramic Tile

If you’ve worked with a backsplash in the past, there is a good chance you used ceramic tile. Ceramic tile backsplashes are one of the most popular choices in homes for a few reasons. This type of material is relatively inexpensive and durable, comes in a large variety of different textures, colors and styles, and installation is very simple.

Ceramic tile also offers a way for homeowners to add interesting colors and patterns to a room. The fact that it also makes clean up a breeze is just another bonus of choosing ceramic tile backsplash.

RTAStore’s Top 10 Favorite Backsplashes Part 2

7. Granite

Granite is not just for countertops; in fact it is one of our favorite backsplash materials. A granite backsplash can add an intense and dynamic look to a room. For instance, with white kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, granite backsplashes can really break up a monotone color scheme, and add a breath of dimension to an all white room. Keep in mind that granite needs to be properly maintained, as cracks can become an issue over time.

8. Travertine

A great choice to enhance modern kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities is a travertine backsplash. Although more expensive than backsplashes of other materials, travertine backsplashes offer quality perks, such as being low-maintenance and long lasting. A type of limestone, travertine is typically found in neutral colors, such as tan, beige and white, making it complementary to a wide range of colors of kitchen cabinets and shades of bathroom vanities.

9. Chalkboard

A chalkboard backsplash proves backsplashes don’t have to be boring. You can make your kitchen a fun and entertaining space by adding this easy to install and inexpensive backsplash. Kids love chalkboard backsplashes, and so do adults. It can become a place to doodle and draw, add some interesting design elements (like scrawling a favorite quote or proverb), or be a place where you write up to-do lists and new recipes.

If you have open kitchen cabinets, you can also expand your chalkboard backsplash to the back of shelves and add to the overall theme.

10. Marble

As far as marble backsplashes go, there are a few different types. There is mosaic, subway, polished and tumbled—all unique and suitable to different types of rooms depending on the design theme, and the style and color of the kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Any type of marble backsplash you choose will be great, and the only difference between them is an owner’s taste and preference.

In general, the two issues people have with marble backsplashes are etching and staining. Both are a result of age and wear, and the severity of either is again dependent on the owner. Some prefer the look of a slightly worn marble backsplash to a brand new one.