Semi Homemade: Make the Most out of Prepackaged Ingredients

A beautiful kitchen can inspire the chef in all of us. And if you're hoping to cut down on meal-making time, you can make impressive, tasty and even healthy meals with a little pre-packaged help. Whether it's a simple weeknight dinner or a weekend dinner party, you can totally accomplish it with some semi-homemade cooking. 

One of our main recommendations is to check out the frozen produce section at your grocery store. Frozen produce tends to contain a higher level of nutrients than fresh produce because it is frozen at optimal freshness. It's not only quick to either microwave or steam frozen produce, but it also tastes great, too. Now you can find some fantastic veggie blends that almost constitute a full meal.

If you're planning to grill, look for pre-chopped and mixed veggies in the fresh produce section. Grocery stores also have pre-made shish kebabs with seasoned/marinated/stuffed meat at the meat counter. And most grocery stores have cooked (and delicious!) rotisserie chickens that you can slice and serve or break into smaller pieces and mix into a dish.

If you're cooking a dish involving pasta, we highly recommend heading to your local Italian deli. They often have a variety of pre-made fresh pasta that you can simply boil for a few minutes and will taste as if you had rolled it in the pasta press yourself. 

It's also a great idea to keep a well-stocked pantry cabinet full of a variety of canned goods. Kidney beans, black beans and many other bean varieties are good options. You can toss these into a big pot for soup or stew with very little preparation. 

When it comes to dessert, don't sweat the made-from-scratch pie crust. Today we have so many great options for store-bought crusts, boxed cake/cookie/brownie mixes, and of course ice cream.

No matter your level of cooking skill, your guests will appreciate the effort you've put into your final dish. And you'll appreciate having a functional and stylish kitchen where you can work your magic. 


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