Simple Tweaks For A Tidier Home In The New Year

Do you feel like clutter is king in your home? That within minutes of cleaning up, do things become messy again? You’re not alone. Many of us are stuck in an endless cycle of disorganization. Taking control and maintaining a tidy home is difficult — but possible, nonetheless. It starts with a good foundation, like having the best bathroom cabinets for your household and investing in functional furniture and decor. Are you ready to have a tidier home in the new year? Start by making these three simple tweaks.

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Build out the best storage solutions in your bathroom.

When designing a bathroom, your mind probably jumps first to the colors and cool features you want to include. We spend more time thinking about the look and less time worrying about the room’s core purpose.

Want some good advice? Focus on function first. No one will be able to enjoy your well thought out color scheme or brilliant backsplash behind piles of towels and stacks of toiletries. It’s important to have the best bathroom cabinets for your household. Who will be using this bathroom? What items will need to be stored here?

By making sure that you have enough space to accommodate the people (and things) that will inhabit this room, you are reducing the overflow of clutter and inevitable chaos that can occur.

Optimize every inch and every shelf in your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinetry is often underutilized. By storing items incorrectly, we waste tons of space that could keep our home more organized and tidy.

Organization is definitely needed in the kitchen. Things can get kind of crazy, especially in the middle of making a meal. Have you ever found yourself taking out every item in your kitchen pantry cabinet looking for one single spice? Or have you sorted through three cabinets before finally finding the cookie tray or casserole dish you were looking for? Not fun.

Stacking items mindlessly might seem easy at the moment, but in the long term, it just results in wasted time and clutter confusion. Inside cabinet accessories are the simple solution to all of your kitchen cabinet woes. From a spice rack for your kitchen pantry cabinet to cookware organizers that fit perfectly in your base cabinets, there is an inside cabinet accessory made for almost every kitchen item — even a garbage cabinet! Install these handy organizers and your home will instantly be tidier.


Living room interior with comfortable sofa


Find furniture and decor that is functional, not just pretty.

The furniture and decor of today serves many purposes. There’s no reason not to tap into these multi-functional designs — from a hollow ottoman that can be used for storage in your TV room to decorative containers that can hold kitchen essentials like coffee and flour.

If clutter is always creeping up on you, opt for this type of furniture and decor. You will eliminate everyday messes like food left out on the kitchen countertops or toys scattered all over the TV room floor. Making these simple tweaks is taking a proactive stance on how you handle all of the things in your life. Invest in functional furniture and decor, and then make it a habit to utilize them to their full potential. Why wait until tomorrow, when you can put it away today?


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