Small Ways To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

Transitioning your home from summer to fall is just as important as changing out your wardrobe. We switch our sandals and swimsuits for boots and sweaters, so why not make a few changes to our home that will help us enjoy the new season? From your open concept kitchen to bedroom, here are a few small ways to get your home ready for fall.

Throw pillows and curtains can warm things up in the TV room.

One of the easiest rooms to update is the TV room. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a few throw pillows and curtains can make. Pick two or three fall colors that complement the current color scheme in the room — your new additions should enhance things and not throw them out of whack! Fall colors are really inspired by the changing of leaves, so think deep shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. If these traditional hues don’t mix well with your TV room, purple, black, magenta and blue can also be interpreted as fall colors in darker shades.

Get ready for holiday cooking with fall touches in the kitchen.

8-24-18 RTA2-Providence Slate Grey

If you have an open concept kitchen, you’ll want to make sure the changes you make here work alongside your TV room updates. Try to use the same or similar colors, so that your home doesn’t look like a pumpkin spice bomb went off. Whether you have solid wood cabinetry in a natural or painted finish, most fall colors complement popular cabinet finishes.

The easiest ways to transition your kitchen from summer to fall include swapping out dish towels, window treatments, and table linens. If you have some houseplants on your windowsills or countertops, consider adding foliage or flowers in fall colors to your current arrangement. Another awesome way to showcase some of the natural elements of fall is by putting out fruit bowls with seasonal goodies — like apples, pears and gourds.

Since the sweet smells of cinnamon, pumpkin and apple remind us of fall, incorporate some candles or room fragrance in these scents. You won’t be baking pies from September through December, but you can keep a candle lit to mimic that home cooked scent all fall long.

Cozy up the bedroom for cool nights and chilly mornings.

Master bedroom with tray ceiling

It’s time to put that light quilt in your linen closet and get out the heavy comforter to keep you warm come September. Not only will your new bed linens keep you cozy in the colder weather, but if you choose the right colors and patterns, they will also help you decorate for fall. Use accent pillows and blankets to add layers and texture to the bed. If you have a seating area in your bedroom, drape a warm throw blanket over your chair or chaise to make the room look even more inviting and comfortable.

Most homeowners don’t like to overdo seasonal decorations in the bedroom, so go with refined decor like candle lanterns that can be put on your nightstands for some subtle fall vibes.

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