Wine Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen - 1

Wine Storage Ideas in Your Kitchen

Wine lovers with small kitchens are often stuck with little or no storage space for their wine collection. If this describes you, you’ll want to check out our practical and stylish wine storage ideas for small spaces below!

#1: Under Cabinet Wine Rack
Rearrange one of your lower cabinets to fit a wine rack or get customized wine bottle cabinet inserts to store wine bottles at an angle. This will help ensure corks don’t dry out and your wine tastes its best.

You may want to consider removing the cabinet door so you can display your collection and easily see what wines you have in stock and which ones you need to get more of.

#2: Wall Mounted Wine Rack
Wall mounted wine racks are a fabulous way to accent bare walls, serving as a lovely substitute for wall art and allowing you to artistically display your love of wine. This is an especially smart, space-saving option for storing wine – ideal for those with tiny apartment kitchens!

#3: Use a Drawer
Another simple way to keep a small collection of wine bottles organized that also provides easy access is in a kitchen drawer. There are a few ways to neatly store wine in a drawer, including:

• Installing a pantry style pull-out drawer inside a cabinet.
• Installing a toe kick drawer under your cabinets. This option is perfect for those who want their wine to be accessible, but out of sight.
• Installing a slim pullout drawer in an available narrow space.

#4: Portable Kitchen/Bar Cart
Rolling kitchen/bar carts offer a convenient way to store wine. Keep your wine inside the cart’s cabinet and, when entertaining, place a tabletop wine rack on top to display a selection of wines for guests to choose from. The best part is that the cart can reside in a room other than your kitchen, saving you precious kitchen space.

Wine Storage Ideas for Kitchen Redesigns
If you’re planning a kitchen redesign and want to include a designated storage space for wine, check out two additional design ideas below.

#1: Wine Refrigerator

Wine Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen - 2










Designing your kitchen with an under-counter wine refrigerator is something you’ll want to strongly consider if you’re serious about wine. Installing a wine refrigerator can allow you to have ideal features for your wine storage, such as pullout shelves and zoned temperature controls, ensuring your favorite wines are always perfectly chilled.
Refrigerators come in various sizes, so you can get one as small or large as you need – and as your space will allow.

#2: In The Kitchen Island
Whether your kitchen redesign includes a brand new kitchen island or an upgrade to an already existing one, a kitchen island is a great place for wine storage. Depending on the amount of wine you need to store, you can choose to fill an entire part of the island with wine or just dedicate a small section.

With all of these options to choose from, having limited countertop space, cabinet space, or both won’t prevent you from keeping your favorite bottles of wine on hand at all times!