3 Easy DIY Home Projects To Tackle With Your Kids This Summer

If summer has your kids going stir crazy, we have a solution! DIY projects are a fun way to make some improvements around the home and keep your kids busy at the same time. From kitchen backsplashes that bring the whole family together to new additions that brighten up your backyard, these easy DIY home projects are perfect for battling summer break boredom. 


1. DIY Stepping Stones For Your Backyard Or Garden


Create a clear path to your outdoor cabinetry, back door, or garden with DIY stepping stones. This simple and inexpensive activity will add a nice touch to your yard and allow your kids to tap into their creative side!


Assuming you only need five stepping stones or less, a 40-pound bag of ready to mix concrete or mortar mix should do the job. If you don’t already have decorations in your craft kit, also pick up some colorful pebbles, mosaic glass chips, or beads to decorate your stepping stones. Using plastic wrap as a barrier, you can even allow your kids to imprint their feet or hands for a personalized touch! Have seashells or pebbles from your last beach vacation? Those work, too!


For your mold you can use an old pan or even disposable plastic tubs or aluminum trays. For easy removal, try lining the pan, tub or or tray with some plastic wrap, and lightly oil it before pouring your mix in.



2. Chalkboard Backsplashes Bring Fun And Entertainment To Kitchens

Script Alphabet on Chalkboard

Chalkboard backsplashes are a great way to keep kids entertained when you’re preparing meals. In summer, it’s also a fun way to sneak in some educational learning without them knowing.


While actually constructing these backsplashes should be left to the adults (or older kids), they will provide plenty of entertainment once the project has come to an end. And since they are so simple and versatile, they really complement almost any style of cabinetry.


From a way for kids to work on their writing and drawing skills, to familiarizing them with household chores like making a grocery list, chalkboard backsplashes are easy to install and fun for the whole family.



3. Turn Your Mailbox Into A Playful Painting Project


You probably haven’t paid much attention to the state of your mailbox but I’m guessing it can use a fresh coat of paint!


Wash down your mailbox of any dirt or debris and then dry thoroughly. Put down some cardboard or newspaper, and apply a coat of metal primer to your mailbox. Once dry, let your kids use the mailbox as their canvas.


Painted MailboxDepending on the age of your children and their artistic skill, you can decide how advanced this project should get. It can be as simple as painting the entire mailbox red or as complex as using a stencil to create an entire scene.


Not only is this a great afternoon project, but also your kids will feel so proud pulling up to your driveway and seeing their masterpiece displayed right in front of your home. It is taking “hanging a picture on the refrigerator” to a whole new level and they will love it!



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