3 Home Interior Colors To Watch In 2020

New home trends emerge every year, including the year’s most popular paint colors. We look to Pantone and paint companies like Sherwin Williams to pave the way in this department. These industry leaders spend years studying color trends to come up with the shades that they believe will be the biggest in the new calendar year.

But why does all this matter to you? Whether you are planning to design your own kitchen or just give your living room a little lift, the paint you choose will have a huge impact on both the look and feel of the room. Different colors have different meanings, and they also have the power to evoke emotions in people.

It’s important to pick a hue that is not only on trend but also aesthetically pleasing for those that live in your home! Let’s take a look at three winning paint colors for 2020, and how you can find the perfect shade to add to your renovation project planner.

Bright pastel dining room












1. Soft Pink

A barely-there pink is clean, fresh and slightly feminine. It is also a top choice for 2020. How do we know? Benjamin Moore has chosen First Light 2102-70 as its Color of the Year! This soft, rosy hue tiptoes between white and pink, providing subtle beauty and the ability to brighten up any room.

A soft pink looks lovely in bathrooms or bedrooms, but Benjamin Moore describes this color as “blooming with possibilities” — and we couldn’t agree more. We really think that soft pink could break gender barriers and become a new neutral in the new year.

This shade pairs perfectly with traditionally more masculine colors like gray, dark teal, and olive green. So it is drastically different than other pink shades that have been popular in past years.

Another thing to highlight about this fresh hue is its earthy elements. Soft pink serves as a pristine backdrop for homeowners that like to bring a little bit of mother nature indoors. The vibrant green of those leafy houseplants really pops against soft pink. Wicker, bamboo and wood furniture also looks surprisingly good perched against the faint pink of First Light.

2. Navy Blue

Picture that classic, nautical navy and then allow your mind to go deeper. The navy of 2020 is a bit darker, a little more moody, and feels like it may have been found in nature rather than artificially engineered.

This new navy is the creation of Sherwin Williams and is the company’s 2020 Color of the Year. It was chosen for its timeless look, as well as its truly calming effect.

If you want to design your own kitchen and create a space that is both classic and modern, Naval SW 6244 might be the paint color for your new kitchen. Or if you’re turning an unused room into a home office and want a bold hue that’s not distracting, this shade would definitely keep you focused and productive.

12-17-19 RTA3-Home Office with Earthy Green














3. Earthy Green

At this point, you may have picked up on some commonality among these colors. While the colors themselves are very different, the theme is somewhat the same. There is a clear trend towards what is simple and natural. Whether the soft pink of a flower petal or the dark navy of the ocean, these shades are all very earthy.

Behr’s pick for Color of the Year is no different. With a name that tells a very similar story, Back to Nature 5340-4 is the ultimate earthy green. In fact, their entire 2020 color palette is inspired by natural elements.

If you have an appreciation for the outdoors and are ready to recreate your love for nature indoors, dive into this organic green that is just the right hue for your home.

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