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5 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Guest Bathroom

Small guest bathrooms have their advantages. Obviously, their compact size makes them easy to clean. But they are also surprisingly easy to keep organized, and have lots of possibilities in the decorating department! From the perfect bathroom vanity for maximizing your space, to smart storage solutions, you can help your guest bathroom reach its full potential with these five tips!


1. Install a bathroom vanity with wall cabinets for extra storage.

An affordable bathroom vanity from The RTA Store is a small investment that’s worth its weight in gold. Think about it. That small pedestal sink has zero storage space beneath it. And while a base cabinet below the sink is a nice addition, just imagine how much more storage space you’ll get with wall cabinets above! A bathroom vanity with wall cabinets allows you take advantage of the vertical space you have, and is the perfect solution for storing guest towels and toiletries.


2. Include a large and decorative mirror.

Elements By Hardware Resource Shower Rod in Satin Nickel - The RTA StoreTop off your beautiful bathroom vanity with a mirror to tie everything together. A large, decorative mirror can make an attractive statement, even when there is little room for other décor. Mirrors are wonderful additions to any bathroom because they provide light, are functional, and help to visually expand the room. 


3. Add a curved shower rod to a narrow tub.

When your tub/shower combo is a tight fit, add some elbowroom with an Elements by Hardware Resource Curved Shower Rod in satin nickel or polished chrome. This handy bathroom hardware accessory adds extra space and style to a small guest bathroom. And who wouldn’t want their guests to feel more comfortable when they want to get clean?


4. Hang multiple robe hooks for guest towels.

Tiny but effective, hooks are smart bathroom hardware accessories when space is at a minimum.  They are perfect for hanging both guest towels and robes, and can be installed just about anywhere — we suggest cleverly tucked on the empty wall behind your guest bathroom door, or next to the shower, for easy access. The Newbury Collection Robe Hook comes in brushed, oil rubbed bronze, with two curved hooks on a single, space-saving base.

Elements By Hardware Resource Newbury Collection Robe Hook in Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze - The RTA Store

5. Take advantage of the space behind the toilet.

Storage for tall and narrow areas can come in many forms, such as a medicine cabinet, or easy-to-access open shelving with baskets. By hanging a wall cabinet above the toilet, you can utilize an otherwise wasted space, and offer your guests an enclosed area for storing toiletries, medicines, and extra rolls of toilet paper.


Turn your small guest bathroom into the best bathroom it can be, so your guests will feel right at home when they come to visit! It’s easy to transform a small space when you know how to maximize its potential, and utilize every corner.



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