Choosing Between Recessed & Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Finding the perfect kitchen cabinets to fit your style and space can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But the search doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. The key to finding the right cabinets quickly is knowing some of the key differences between each style. 

One of the main differences between kitchen cabinets is whether the center cabinet panels are raised or recessed. Finding out whether you prefer raised or recess panel cabinets can greatly narrow your selection and make the process a lot faster!

What’s the main difference?

The main difference between raised and recessed panel cabinets is the height of the center panel of the cabinet door or drawer. Raised panel cabinets appear as they sound. The center panel is raised above the rest of the door or drawer and there is usually a recessed border around it. Raised panel cabinets are often more detailed and intricate. On the other hand, recessed panel cabinets have a flat center panel with a raised border around it, which gives off a more sleek appearance. 

Which is right for you?  

Now that you know the difference between raised and recessed panel cabinets, it’s easier to find out which one best fits your taste. 

Raised Panel Cabinets

Raised panel cabinets are the more traditional of the two styles. You’ll find the raised panel design more often on ornate cabinets that are hallmarks of traditional style. Cathedral cabinet doors are a good example of the raised panel style; however, kitchen cabinets don’t have to be traditional to have raised panels. Raised panel cabinets can also work well in transitional, country, or rustic kitchens and bathrooms—adding dimension and detail to the space. If your style is more modern or contemporary, then raised panel cabinets are probably not for you. However, recessed panel cabinets could be the perfect fit! 

Recessed Panel Cabinets 

Do you prefer a sleeker, streamlined look? If you answered yes, recessed or flat panel cabinets are probably the way to go. Their lack of ornamentation and detail is more in line with contemporary and modern style. Shaker cabinets are a good example of recessed panel cabinets. This cabinet style is a popular choice because of its simplicity and ability to blend well into many different kitchen designs. 

However, recessed panel cabinets are kind of the chameleon of the cabinet world. They blend well into transitional and even some traditional kitchens. 

Finding the perfect cabinets

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